Saturday, April 15, 2006

Toilet paper for kids?

What have we come to in America when we now have toilet paper with pawprints and a picture of a golden retriever (Cottonelle) on it so kids know to tear off the toilet paper when the pawprints stop?

This is done so kids know how much to use. this just isn't an area I really want to delve into and frankly how much toilet paper one uses really is no interest to me but...what has happened in America today where we are suddenly inept in the area of teaching kids how much toilet paper is enough?

Ok ok I know there's a market for it, people who don't want to bother teaching their kids how much is or isn't enough. I suppose this is really just one more way parents can rely on someone else to teach their kids instead of doing it themselves.

(editing in...of course now my pal Susan has just thrown a wrench in THAT! LOL)


  1. Anonymous4/15/2006

    Funny! I didn't know they made it, but I will have to purchase some the next time Ronald's kids come. They have stopped up my toilet with too much toilet paper one too many times;) --ST

  2. AHHHHH now you've gone and screwed up my theory.