Friday, April 07, 2006

2 weeks of work/16 day vacation

How many of you were allowed to take a two week vacation if your task at hand wasn't completed?

That's right, very few of you.

While nothing our lawmakers do should surprise me anymore, why am I still surprised? I mean why did I think they would forgo their two week Easter vacation in the midst of a major crisis in this country?

Congress is on a sixteen day vacation after only two weeks of work. With serious business at hand, especially a crisis regarding illegal immigration, an issue on which they couldn't come to an agreement, they just take off.

Senate Democrat Whip Richard Durbin was quoted as saying: "Most families do spend a little time together over Easter, so I don't think that it's an unusual time to do it."

When questioned about why Congress is taking the vacation when so much work is left to do, John McCain said "They've got a point"

A lot of good that did, he's on vacation too.

Our lawmakers have become such a higher eschelon and are so used to special treatment and perks that they have lost touch with the American people. They are no longer subject to the same ethics and values as the rest of us. Sure their job is hard but so are the jobs of millions of Americans in this country, and few of them could take vacations after having accomplished nothing at work. It is time our lawmakers are subject to real life like the rest of us. They hold in their hands the power over millions of Americans. They seem to take it so lightly. We should not. It's time they learn a lesson, that they work for us. And they don't get to take a vacation until the job is done.

Come on people, the only way to send the message is to vote them out of office. I have no choice anymore, it seems that my voice isn't being heard so now it's up to my vote.

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