Thursday, April 13, 2006

Woah this is a strange one!

In this story from Uniontown, Pennsylvania a 58-year old man thre his girlfriend on the ground, then threw a microwave on top of her chest, stomped on her and banged her head against the floor till she went unconscious. All for refusing to nuke his sandwiches. He said he didn’t mean to kill her. He says he ran to a neighbor's house for help but nobody was home so he went home, drank a beer before getting another neighbor to call 911.

I felt a chill run up my spine reading that story. What on EARTH could have been going through HIS mind? Even if he were drunk, man you have to be out of your mind to brutally kill someone like that. People don't normally kill people out of the blue like that unless they are just evil or on something. Neither is an excuse but was this guy a seemingly normal average guy before all this?

Time will tell, I'm going to follow this one. We've got kids committing murders and people killing each other for no reason. It's just too damn weird.

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  1. Anonymous4/14/2006

    I don't understand what would cause someone to flip out like this either.--ST