Monday, May 22, 2006

Another government screw-up...

Way to go to the nameless son of a bitch employee at the Dept of Veterans Affairs who took home data that contained 26.5 million names, social security numbers, and birthdates of veterans who left the service from 1975 to the present!

That includes ME and many of the folks who visit my journal here on a daily basis.

That pisses me off. Apparently the employee downloaded the info onto disks so he could work on something at home. The VA's official statement on their website states that they will take steps to ensure it never happens again. Too little, too late. How the hell does someone just download and walk out with this kind of information? Is this stuff just laying around on desks at these federal agencies?

You know I have the mind to sue the federal government for not taking better precautions to secure my personal information. It's about time they learn that we're serious about this issue.

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  1. Anonymous5/23/2006

    Ditto, girlfriend! That includes our information now compromised!--ST