Sunday, May 07, 2006

Considering the possibility that Iran has had WMD technology since 1991...

I made the mistake of listening to "Coast to Coast AM" tonight.

Consider these possibilities:

Iran hasn't just developed nuclear technology, it's been there since 1991, they are only now releasing the info bit by bit. In 1991 Saddam Hussein's son in law, knowing that he would eventually be killed, spirited WMD's which included yellow cake uranium over to Iran. What was given to Iran included thirty years of technology and information compiled by Iraq, Afghanistan, the US, and the Soviet Union. And the Secretary of Defense at that time knew. And that person was Dick Cheney.

Also, our government has been using mind-control in the form of radiation and other waves in the Middle East to control insurgents and parts of America, to control protesters.

No, I can't personally prove either statement but to be honest, the guests on George Noory's show last night seemed really convincing. No, I don't buy what others try to sell me, but honestly I am doing my part to investigate it and I hate to say it but I actually believe it's possible. Oh hell yeah I believe that there are those in our government who would do this.


Thoughts, anyone?

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