Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Did I miss something?

Hillary stated in a recent speech:

Let’s make the Bush Administration take the blame for its mistakes, and let’s put together a plan to enable the Iraqis to really create a government that will permit American troops to come home.

Let’s make decisions based on reality, not ideology;Facts - not politics; Real solutions are needed.

That's strange that Hillary would accuse the President of not dealing in facts now because back in October 2002, Congress adopted joint resolution authorizing use of force against Iraq. The House (controlled by Republicans) voted 296 to 133 to allow the president to use the military "against the continuing threat" posed by the Iraqi regime. The Senate (controlled by the Dems) also voted in favor of the measure.

People in the House and Senate, who voted for the resolutions were on committees that oversee intelligence. You can't sit there and convince me that NONE of those who voted in favor of the measure didn't have some idea that all the facts weren't being presented.

Give me a break!

Congress supported the President, they had every access to the information, they could have verified it. What the heck do we pay them for? The American people sat there wondering the truth and Congress, our elected representatives have direct access to it 24/7. If they can't do their job and represent us what the hell do we pay them to do?

The President's not the only one responsible for the mess in Iraq. The former head of the CIA George Tenant who received an "atta boy" for a job well done, a free pass and a hefty retirement, and every Congressman who voted in favor of the joint resolution also share blame.


  1. yes, i'm gree with you
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  2. Ah, yes, but they voted for it before they were against it! It's an election year and the far left are abandoning her for Pres in 2008. She has to go back to her natural loony self.