Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Grams!

Happy Birthday Grams.

Today is the 89th birthday of a truly wonderful woman, our grandmother. She's mom's mother, she's a tough, very smart, gracious, loving, warm and endearing woman. She has been the heart and soul that binds us together. She has no wants or needs for material possessions, they mean nothing to her. What matters most are the people she loves, her family, and her few close friends. How many of us can say that all that matters to us in life is our family? Shame on we the younger generation for putting stock in anything material. We can't take it with us, why don't we learn from the elders in our family and start really putting stock into what matters---each other and not mere "things".

There isn't anyone who doesn't like grams. It's not hard to like her, the little kids at the elementary school she volunteered at would cling to her leg and call her "Miss May", the parents adored her, the school was lost without her. Truth be told, we would be lost without her. A day without her would be a day without sunshine.

Grams has gotten older, her body a little slower but she is strong in mind, body and soul. And with every trouble in life she seems to overcome it. When gramps died in 1984, grams was devastated, yet she never gave up, instead she went on and lived her life and showed us all that life does go on. Every year she gets older reminds me it's one more year we won't have her around someday. I try not to think about it but it's hard. All my life, all my 37 years, she has been an intricate part of my life. Grams has always been in our lives and so we yearn to keep her around forever, long into our golden years. I know it won't happen, I just hope I can someday be half the decent and respectable and loving person to others that she has been to all of us.

I don't know what my would be like without her. She is in my heart, she is in all our hearts, she is more a part of each one of us than she could ever know.

Happy Birthday Grams, here's to many, many more happy days together!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your grandmother! Here's to many more.