Monday, May 15, 2006

If it smells like amnesty, looks like amnesty, tastes like amnesty, it's most likely amnesty...

I thought of blogging about the President's speech beforehand, after all, I could have predicted what he'd say. Yet something inside me thought maybe, just maybe he'd surprise me. Unfortunately that didn't happen and it was more of the same old rhetoric. It's a shame too because I had other plans for that twenty minutes of my valuable time that he stole under false pretenses.

I could sit here and analyze the speech line by line and give you my take on it, but really the folks who read my blog are pretty smart, you can read the speech and understand the underlying meaning.

What's that underlying meaning? It's simple. The President opposes amnesty but he believes that those illegals who have been here some time should be allowed to apply for citizenship.

And that's the bottom line folks. None of the other stuff he talked about like placing 6,000 National Guardesmen at the border, increasing border patrol agents, creating tamper-proof ID cards, building fences, installing motion censors, unmanned air surveillance, none of that really matters.

What matters is that we are offering amnesty to millions of people who broke our laws to get here under the guise that "we are a nation of immigrants"

No, Mr. President, we are not a nation of immigrants, we are a nation of American citizens, or at least we were at one time.


  1. I watched the "Grey's Anatomy" finale. It was waaay more honest. I don't understand why our politicians feel they have to cater to illegal immigrants. If we're not going to enforce our laws, why have them at all?

  2. I guess I am having a hard time wrapping my little brain around the explosiveness of this whole issue. Why is there confusion over 2 words???? Legal and Illegal??? Shouldn't their very clear definitions be enough to determine the course of action on this issue?

    Oh well, I will keep trying to understand why the issue is so apparently foggy....