Friday, May 26, 2006

My Friday"Oy vey" moment...

Jim Nicholson, head of the Dept of Veterans affairs says the government needs to hire a "security czar" and that they will need millions of dollars to fix the security issues related to the theft of the veteran's data.

"It's highly probable that they do not know what they have," Nicholson said of the unidentified burglars.

Oh that's a doozy.

Let's see how many burglars broke in and stole either a laptop or data in the Maryland area in the month of May?

Probably a few, but I bet you the perp knows now what he's got.

I don't think Nicholson should resign, but I also don't think we need a "security czar" as he mentioned, and we don't need to spend "millions" to get this problem under control. There are ways to safeguard information that don't include wasting taxpayer dollars on consultants and another high-level government position. Every single the government screws something up, the first thing out of the bureaucrats mouth is that we need a person to head something and more money for them to do it.

And while we're at it, some Congresswoman said we needed more identity protection for veterans. Uh, hello, what about more identity protection for everyone? If the government is storing our information, they have a responsibility to protect it period, shouldn't matter if we're veterans or not.

And by the way what bothers me most about this isn't that someone in this country will steal some of those identities, but that the information will be sold to someone in a foreign country. Once a perp in a foreign country gets a hold of our social security numbers and birthdates, we are so screwed.


  1. Anonymous5/26/2006

    I couldn't agree with you more!--ST

  2. This isn't a comment on this post but a Thank you on this Memorial Day! (((hugs)))