Saturday, May 20, 2006

My old school newspaper...

ST and RT will love this!

I found the final edition of our high school newspaper in the stuff I kept over the years. It's a mint condition edition of the Banner. It was the last one we did before we graduated some 20 years ago! I was managing editor for the paper and wrote the editorials as well as other stories. This was the final edition with our photos in it, the senior poem I wrote, the editorial on teachers and other things like senior superlatives, grad nite, etc.

What I think is funny is the senior superlatives, I mean come hair? eyes? Frankly I should have had eyes because my eyes are so dark they are nearly black, my hair was naturally curly unlike most everyone else's. Personality? I was one of the nicest people in the class although I didn't rate because I wasn't popular. Fortunately the gal who did get personality was my pal Susan although I had always thought of her as very quiet.

There was this section in the paper listing what we'd all be doing in the future. Why did they say I'd take over Rona Barrett's gossip column? I'd love to know which yahoos in the class came up with that. First of all, I didnt' gossip, I talked a lot, big difference. Believe me, I had no one to gossip about, I didn't have many friends there, most of them were too busy gossiping about each other.

The papers were always filled with tidbits about the most popular folks, Miss Christmas, Miss this, Miss that, Homecoming Queen blah blah blah. Our homecoming queen had the personality of a popsickle stick, that's all I'm going to say about that. It was a small school, it was a popularity thing, who wore what designer clothes, who was a cheerleader, who dated which football player, blah blah blah.

Oh there was one more thing about this school apper. There was some special little baby's birth announcement with a PHOTO. This handsome young man is now a college student. I can't believe it's been that long!!

I think I was meant to hold onto this edition of the school paper. It reminds me of who I was back then, how I was treated by my peers and how far I've come since those days. Looking at that paper humbles me and makes me realize that regardless of what other people thought of me back then or think of me now, the only person I have to be true to is myself. If I can do that, everything else falls into place.

Back in those days I thought I was nobody. I based my self-worth on what a bunch of yahoos thought of me. That's what's so nice about being an adult, we finally grow up and realize that the only opinion that matters is the one we have of ourselves.

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  1. Anonymous5/22/2006

    Hey! I have that paper too. Although mine is not in mint condition. It is shoved in a photo album. It is funny to go back and read those things. Some people thought they were so important and where are they now? True value and self-worth is a gift of God and we need to cultivate it with in our own lives. It is certainly not dependent on what others think of us. It's important to pass this along to our children so that they don't play the shallow populartiy game and walk on others peoples feelings in the process. I would like to think we improve from one generation to the next. Unfortunately, not everyone does. Robert always says, "The reason people put others down is because their self esteem is so low they have to tear others down in order to lift themselves up." Sounds pretty intelligent for the future Winn Dixie employee, huh? Those stupid senior predictions stank! It was the junior class who wrote them. Was there any creativity in that class? Now about that homecoming queen. I have always believed the other four of us split the vote and she weedled her way in. She just wasn't liked enough to have won any other way. Sour grapes? No way! I had other things on my mind by that point. I am glad that handsome young man has turned out better than his parents. So nearly twenty years have come and gone. Amazing, huh? I think I would have to say these last 20 have been the best of my life, so far. I am looking forward to what the next 20 hold.--ST