Monday, May 29, 2006

One Life to Live sucked me in...

Ok I'll admit that when I take a day off and hang out at home cleaning or working on my class assignments, I watch One Life to Live and General Hospital on ABC. Been watching them on and off for years. In fact, long stretches of time would pass when I didn't watch these two soaps but the thing is that certain characters remain year after year and so it's neat to turn it on after not having watched in years and it's just like being at home with friends. The plots differ though not by much. It's usually the same old thing. Take your pick of a plot involving murder, betrayal, someone coming back from the dead, adultery, corporate takeover, or a gazillion year long family feud.

I was off today, can you tell what I watched?

Now in regards to OLTL, I don't have to go into the Todd-Margaret-Blair-Spencer thing, we all knew Todd didn't kill Margaret. What gets me is that I really really don't know if Todd is really dead. Now I like this Todd better than the old one. And I'll admit, that at first I didnt' think the whole "new face" thing would work but damn I really liked Trevor St. John (My God I actually know his name?)

Now there's two things I'll say about soaps, sometimes they are just hokey, oh big time hokey, but every now and then there's a bit of good acting, real good acting. While the execution on OLTL was just acting, I will admit that the acting that took place was what should be taking place DAILY. What happened to real drama? When I watched the scene Friday when they hooked Todd up to the needles in the execution chamber, I felt like it was real. And today when I watched them execute him I was just amazed, astonished, speechless. The acting was breathtaking, the whole scene moving. I mean really what could be more powerful? There was Blair standing at the glass window watching her husband die for a crime he didn't commit, and I was on the edge of my seat as the button was pressed for the third and final injection. And all the sudden, John breaks into the witness room hauling in Margaret, the woman Todd was accused of murdering. And it is at that moment, everyone realizes Todd was innocent. And now he's dead and it can't be undone. I know that sounds silly to say about a soap, but it really was an incredible scene.

I just hope that somehow, Todd isn't dead and that Clint and Bo and some other higher powers were involved in faking the execution to nail Spencer. That execution was a pretty brutal scene even for a soap, it went a bit beyond what I had expected.

One thing is for sure, Todd will be back. I just know it.

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  1. Hehe, you really get into that stuff don't you?