Sunday, May 21, 2006

Photos that conjure up memories...

My dad's uncle Harold gave my sister some photos to bring back with her to show us, they were from the family gathering that took place in July 1981 after my dad's brother Raymond died. Everyone liked Raymond, no wait, they loved him, and not just family, but friends and coworkers. People knew Raymond to be a decent, hardworking and honest fellow true to his word. His death was hard on all those who loved him.

The photos Harold sent back are great, there's one with about fifty of us family members who were at the house the day the photo was taken and there's another of my grandmother and her siblings and her dad we called "granddaddy". I bet they hardly ever sat down for a photo like that in their lives, in the photo were 13 of the original 14 children, so that was a historic moment for us.

At the time those photos were taken it was July 1981 and mamaw and papaw lived at the blue house in Kennesaw, this big blue house with hardwood floors, two porches, and a big piece of property with a big barn. I loved that house, we all did. There was a small old clock that went tick-tock all the time and I really loved that clock. That was the room Uncle Raymond would sit in laid back in his big black leather recliner.

I remember my dad sitting around the table in the kitchen with his uncles bullshittin' about everything under the sun. Considering the fact his uncles used to spend so much time at their house, and several were close in age to dad, it's no surprise hey had a lot to reminisce about. They were funny guys, we kids loved sitting there listening to their stories.

We kids played red-rover. tag and whatever else we could think of.

Funny how a sad moment in our lives brought us so much joy in being together. Why is it that we have to wait till someone dies to appreciate one another?

I have so many fond memories of those days when I was young that it sometimes makes me wish I didn't have to grow up. Maybe because when we're a kid it's all so simple and when we grow up it all becomes so complicated!


  1. It is sad that we, as a society, seem to have wilted to only gathering at the doorsteps of tragedy. Why did we stop being a nation of extended families?

    I would give anything for my kids to know that kind of experience. Sadly they won't.

  2. Isn't it true? I miss those days so much.