Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reading up on the immigration reform bill...

In case you have some free time on your hands, you might be interested in reading the Senate's version of Immigration Reform which you can find if you click on his link: SB2611

This bill is so long and drawn out, I think it was intentional to deter you and I from actually reading it. I read parts of it, and all I can say is "holy cow" you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) the money that the feds are providing to local and state governments. Did you know that the feds have allocated $950 MILLION dollars to reimburse state and local governments for criminal prosecution of illegals, autopsies, court costs, indigent defense, and other costs?

And that's just for the years 2010 through 2012.

Both of Florida's Senators, Mel Martinez and Bill Nelson, voted in favor of this bill and sadly neither will get my vote. I promised myself that anyone who voted in favor of amnesty will not get my vote for re-election. Charging a hefty fine and putting these folks at the end of the line in the quest for citizenship is still amnesty, I can't go along with it.

What many folks don't realize is that allowing these twelve or so million people to become legalized will allow them to bring their immediate family members over as well. Instead of an influx of twelve million, you're looking at a number closer to say--thirty million or more in the end.

Vicente Fox's recent visit to the US recently was the biggest load of crap I've seen in quite some time. He actually PRAISED the US senate for passing an immigration bill which offers employment and citizenship and he CREDITED Mexican immigrants.

He said:

"Nobody deserved more credit than the ... paisanos here," he said, using the Spanish colloquial word for "countrymen" during a speech to the California
Chamber of Commerce and Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. "They have fought for it."

He acts as if illegals have rights here, a right to push for legislation. Vicente Fox never once has ever mentioned that these people are breaking our laws. Perhaps during the course of his trip in the US he should have been asked how come Mexico has such strict penalties enforced against people who enter Mexico illegally.


The whole thing is a big fat disgrace. Our government tries to sell us on the "we need them" bullshit and we in America are being FORCED to go along with this whole travesty because we are such a free and prosperous country that we should share with the rest of the world.

I don't mind sharing, but let it be done legally, let the people of this country, who are legal citizens decide if they want further immigration or not. I for one, think most Mexican folks are probably hardworking, law abiding people, but I also know that America cannot be saviour to the world. It is obvious Mexico needs to be saved, their government is corrupt, the people do not enjoy the same social and economic freedom as they do in the US. If Vicente wants to do something for his paisanos, he should be encouraging them to stay there and fight for a better system. If George Bush wants to help his buddy Vicente, he should be laying down the law and demanding reform in Mexico.

If your country doesn't work, do what it takes to fix it, don't just leave and invade another country.

Well as far as Vicente goes, he'll continue to push for immigration reform in America. He loves his "paisanos" so much he wants them all to come to America. Why? So they can become our problem but continue to send billions (yes, billions) back to Mexico each year.

I can't even believe Fox was welcomed here. What a sham. What a travesty and an insult the law abiding hardworking folks who live in America legally. Iam just so pissed off, I have one more thing to say:

President George W. Bush:

I voted for you TWICE, but right now you're really pissing me off. You refuse to acknowledge the sovereignty of this country, you continue encourage government spending, and you continue to patronize the American people as if we're stupid. Well we're not stupid, at least most of us are not. You have a responsibility to the American people, you have a responsibility to the sovereignty of this nation. You have failed and you have attempted to discredit patriotic Americans who try to do it for you. That was evident when you referred to the patriotic, law-abiding, non-confrontational Minutemen as vigilantes because they seek to uphold the rule of law and secure our borders, something I might remind you that is the job of the US government.

And to Congress, I voted for many of you, but you're pissing me off too. You talk a tough game but you're a bunch of spineless cowards. Most of you are afraid to stand up for what you truly believe in because it might not get you re-elected. You are afraid to stand behind your principles, instead compromising for the sake of re-election. You have a job, to represent the people's best interests and you refuse to do that. Time after time, you show you cannot work together, you cannot put the interests of the American people before your own and you are not fit to uphold the sovereignty and security of this great nation.

I will tell you this. For every member of the US Congress, you better be worried because come election time, the American people are going to remember how you sold them out.


  1. You filthy racist bastard!

  2. Oh yes that comment from a man who thinks Castro is a hero.

    It is not I who is the racist. In your blog you stated that as in the animal world, the human world contains races which are superior to others.

    So which is it? Which race is superior? Yours? Hardly. We are all one race, the human race.