Monday, May 01, 2006

They know nothing...

“We have respect for everybody. We’re here because we have families, kids like you. We have eyes like you. We are like you. You’re immigrants, too!” shouted Maria Torres, who organized the march.

“I was born here!” yelled one Latina girl. A young Latina woman shouted bitterly about how Mexicans are treated here. “It’s 'Maria, go get my coffee; Maria, scrub my toilet!’ You people are lazy!”

To these people I would say:

"You have no respect for the rights of Americans or for the sovereignty of this country. You fled an oppressed country with a corrupt government to make a better life for yourself and your family and I can sympathize with that. But do not come to my country and tell me that you have a right to live here. Do not come to my country and protest my government, a government to which I pay taxes, whose officials I elect. Do not come here illegally and dare to make demands of my government.

America is the only country in the world which tolerates illegal aliens protesting, marching, and making demands of the government. In any other country, especially your home country of Mexico, you would be jailed, shot, or deported. Many Americans tolerate you because they feel for your plight, but you are pushing even them away with your demands, with your threats. You threaten us by saying we need you. No, we don't need you, you need us.

If you want a better life, if you want fair wages, rights, freedom, and independence, you should rebel against the government of Mexico, much like the American colonists did against England over 200 years ago. That is how you make change, that is how you obtain freedom and a better life. You fight to regain control of your homeland. You do not illegally cross the borders of another country and begin making demands of that country."

They justify it all by telling us we're immigrants too because our ancestors emigrated here, but that's wrong. Many of us are citizens who were born here, whose parents and grandparents were born here and whose great-grandparents may have emigrated here at the turn of the century, some earlier.

So I take great offense at these people saying that I am an immigrant when I am not. I am an American, I was born and raised here.

As to the woman who calls us lazy, please! There are lazy people in EVERY culture. Does she think Vincente Fox cleans his own toilets?


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