Thursday, May 11, 2006

This just isn't justice...

Where is the justice for the family of eighteen year-old Jacob Langworthy?

Four teenagers broke into Jacob's home in January 2005 and and stole some items while a fifth teenager shot him in the back of the head. The four were given 10-year prison sentences for manslaughter and home invasion and the fifth is still awaiting trial for first-degree murder.

I believe the four perps should have received much longer and tougher sentences. Sure, it is possible they didn't intend for anyone to die and they are sorry for what happened but we must be tough on crimes that result in the deaths of innocent people. When these individuals conspired to commit this home invasion, they automatically assumed responsibility for every act that occurred as a result of it.

It's time to set an example and show these young perps what's in store for them if they engage in illegal and irresponsible behavior. It's time to send the message that we will no longer tolerate it, for we have tolerated it far too long already.

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  1. Hello Jessica,

    My name is Eden Langworthy.I am the father of Jacob Langworthy who was murdered Jan 5 2005.You are so right.It is time that we stopped letting these cold blooded kids who committ crimes like Jacobs murder get off so easy. It truly makes me sick to know that the 4 who only got 10 years for their involement in my son's murder will be out in the next 5 or 6 years. I am sure they will come back to Williston once they are tured loose. I'm not sure what I am lible to do to them if I see them. It's sad that I may end up in prison myself because the state decided to make a plea with the 4. Me and my family told the states attorney that we did not want them to make a deal with the 4.The state attorney said.I'm sorry but it's not up to you. I think I know why they made a deal with the 4..I believe the state did'nt want to spend the money or time to take all 4 of them to trial. I am so angry at the states attorny.He lied to me and my family from day one.He promised that no deals would be made. I may end up selling my home in Williston and move somewhere else. The victoms in this country always get the short end of the stick and I am sick and tired of it.Another thing that sickens me is that none of the family members of any of those 5 lowlifes ever said they were sorry for what happened or that they were sorry that my son was dead. Their are some truly evil people out there.
    I do know that one day I wll see Jacob again. I pray for Jacob every night.I still have a hard time sleeping.Because Jacob is always on my mind.

    God Bless you, Eden Langworthy