Friday, May 12, 2006

This mother should be bitch-slapped!

I can't even believe this...

This woman's 16 year-old daughter broke up with her boyfriend and since the breakup the ex-boyfriend has been verbally abusive and controlling. The ex-boyfriend spreads rumors about her, curses at her and sends text messages to her cell phone with abusive language. Throughout this the mother has taken no action towards resolving this conflict. The mother told the daughter to get the situation under control.

So..what does the daughter do?

She makes copies of a flyer with a photo on it of her ex-boyfriend dressed like a girl which was taken one Halloween, and she puts his name on it and posts it all over the school.

The daughter is facing a two-day suspension from school. Her mother says that she "prepared" her daughter to understand that retribution is inevitable and the daughter is prepared so long as her car isn't vandalized. The mother says that vandalizing the daughter's car is exactly what is planned. The mother thinks the flyer thing was funny and said that teachers, students, and staff (including the boy's mother who works there) all thought it was funny.

I don't think it's funny, in fact I think her daughter could be in grave danger. A boy like this who is abusive and controlling is likely to snap and lose control any moment. And when that happens, a vandalized car will be the least of that mother's worries.

The mother says that some of the flyers were pulled off the walls before school stated and some of the ones students found were being copied and people were asking the ex-boyfriend to sign them. When the principal asked the daughter if she made them she said she didn't recall.

When the principal informed her suspension was imminent she said it was worth it. And when she was told she would not be suspended if the prank ended immediately she told the principal it's not going to stop. The principal was informed of what the boy had done but warned that if the pranks continue both will be suspended.

So what was the ex-boyfriend doing in all this? Following the daughter around the hallways calling her filthy names. And in response, the daughter printed yet more photos to post. And sadly one teacher even told the girl the photo was great and the principal hung it on his wall---so says the mother.

The mother claims she did not support her daughter in this but after seeing the humor it caused, it's ok and that she is glad her daughter "had the guts to do it" and hopes the retribution isn't too bad.

Oh my God is anyone else horrified by this mother's actions (as well as the teacher and principal?)

I am so disappointed that this mother did not come to her daughter's aid in this situation. The daughter is 16 years old, she is still a child and she is not equipped to understand the dangers that can come along with an abusive personality. The mother had a responsibility to nip this in the bud and take action right away, with the boy and with his parents (yes, where are his parents in all this?) . Maybe because she's trying to help her daughter become a mature responsible young adult the mother decided to leave this situation in the daughter's hands. But mature responsible young adults don't do what the daughter did.

And because of this mother's irresponsibility, her daughter might wind up suffering severe, even tragic consequences.

It just pisses me off.


  1. This boy would have been long gone had he messed with my girls.

  2. Ya know that's what I was thinking. There would have been no grace period, you guys would have already said and done something!

  3. This is so not cool. Her daughter's gonna end up a statistic, and she's going to spend the rest of her life wondering why...