Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today's rather lengthy rant session aka BOSGOT

That stands for "Bunch of shit going on today"

Ok, here goes...

Scooter Libby's attorney says he's got five witnesses who can prove that Joe Wilson outed his wife long before Robert Novak did. Of course Wilson deflected attention by saying that it no longer mattered who first outed his wife.

Oh yes Joe, it does matter. If this is true, you owe the nation an explanation. Of course you'll need time to think about it because I don't know that "My wife needed a reason to secure a multi-million dollar book deal" is going to cut it. Your lies cost the American people a lot of money and time and you do owe us. If you outed her first, I want to know.

A kid earns a bad grade on a test so to get revenge, her mother helps her bake cookies laced with an entire box of ex-lax. Four children in the class were sick after eating the cookies. The mother has been charged and is pleading innocent but the girls have not been charged.

Oh My!

In my day if your teacher pissed you off, you just called her a "red-headed witch" and moved on. Well uh.....ok if the son of your sister's fourth grade teacher pissed you off and you called her a "red-headed witch" then you got your mouth washed out with Irish Spring and then your mother fed you spaghetti and then you moved on.

At least I thought I moved on... LOL!

Britney Spears is procreating - again.

Lucky for David Letterman it's not his. Phew, I bet he is so relieved.

Ok now let's see, who should be bitch-slapped here? Lynne Spears for raising her daughter to be such a moron or Britney for getting hooked up with a mooching LOSER like Kevin Federline. I mean hello? When Britney married the moocher, he had just dumped his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Oh hell I say slap both of them.

Kevin's not the only one mooching. Mama Lynne Spears is making a fortune on Britney's empire while Britney turns into just another former teen queen overnight sensation turned white trash. Maybe Lynne can get Britney out of the way so she can groom the up and coming little sister --15 year old Jamie Lynn, who incidentally has her own web site now. And God only knows what's next.

Whatever happened to letting kids be kids? Isn't Britney really a perfect example of what can happen when you force adulthood on your teenage daughter?

A Kentucky high school teacher was fired for making a porn movie eleven years ago.

Let's see, eleven years ago she was 23, homeless, desperate to make ends meet, suffering from what she claims was an undiagnosed bipolar disorder. She never even used her real name when she made the movie. Oh by the way as if this matters, she later joined the Army, got herself a college education, and became a schoolteacher and from what I understand she's a damn good schoolteacher.

The School Superintendent fired her because he said her presence in the classroom would become a distraction. You just have to be kidding? No, I'm not.

Here we have a schoolteacher, someone who did one stupid thing in her past, which harmed no one, and she moved on with her life, served her country, went to college, became a role model, and she's fired for one past indiscretion.

In the meantime, we have what--ten million people living here illegally and nobody in a position of authority will do a damn thing about it, not to mention the number of Congressional folks at the state and national level who have participated in all sorts of debauchery, illegal and immoral activities and people still elect them into office.

Go figure!

Imagine my surprise when I heard a story that the US Border Patrol has been instructed to alert Mexican officials as to when civilian border patrol groups "detain or allegedly mistreat suspected illegal immigrants"

Mario Martinez of the US Customs and Border Protection said the policy was to assure the Mexican governemnt that the migrants rights are being observed


What rights? They are illegal for crying out loud. I can't believe that Border Patrol and the Mexican government officials are conspiring against American laws. They say they are doing this to ensure the safety of people who crossed the border, but still this sucks

DHS is backtracking stating there is no policy which US government organizations give information to the Mexican government, they say that in accordance with the Vienna convention, illegals are given access to the consulate.

The thing is that there's some evidence proving that somebody spilled to the beans to Mexico because the whereabouts of these civilian border patrol organizations were known only to the border patrol, how did the Mexican government get their hands on that information?

Now who do you 'spose gave out that info?

Imagine the enormity of the situation for a moment. The US government conspiring to help break our own laws? The US government conspiring with a foreign government against our own people?

And finally (drum roll please)

At least once a year we hear of some crackpot politician (usually the same ones) calling for slavery reparations. Michigan Congressman John Conyers is at it again with another bill which:

--acknowledges the fundamental injustice and inhumanity of slavery.

--establishes a commission to study slavery, its subsequent racial and economic discrimination against freed slaves.

--studies the impact of those forces on today's living African Americans.

--The commission would then make recommendations to Congress on appropriate remedies to redress the harm inflicted on living African Americans."

Ok someone point out to me anyone living in this country today who owned slaves or participated in the slave trade. And while you're at it, find me anyone who was actually a slave in this country.

(Chirp, Chirp)

Yeah silence, that's what I thought.

The bottom line is this is a ridiculous bill. First off, we all know the inhumanity and injustice of slavery, at least most of us do. It isn't necessary to form a commission and spend federal dollars to study something that happened over two hundred years ago. Most African Americans living in America today were not descended from slaves. And by the way, most Americans did not own slaves when there was slavery in America. What happens to African Americans whose ancestors participated in the slave trade?

Hell, who of us didn't have ancestors who suffered some sort of oppression? My heritage is Irish, Romanian, Scotch, English, Native American, Italian, Sicilian and German and oh yeah I have Jewish ancestry, but you don't hear me whining and bitching that I can't make it in society because my ancestors were oppressed.

Yes slavery was a terrible thing but we are past it and it is time to move ON! Your heritage doesn't determine how successful a person you can be. It's up to YOU. The choices each of us make put us where we are today. That's the great thing about America is that every person has an equal opportunity to make it. So I don't buy this need for the federal government to step in and take my hard-earned tax dollars and give them to someone else because their ancestors might have been oppressed.

As to John Conyers, he's been in office forty years. That's about 36 years too long in my opinion.

Rant over, you may move on :)

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