Sunday, June 25, 2006

Get with that Fair Tax

Thanks to Belle-ah, a new blogging buddy, up in Georgia for promoting the Fair Tax plan in a recent post.

You go girl, that post rocks. You just joined the ranks of the fair tax movement! Doesn't it feel great?

For those of you who aren't aware of the Fair Tax plan and think it's not worth it or think it's a joke, ask yourself if it's really and truly "fair" to tax hardworking Americans for their success or is it "fair" to tax people for consumption, whereby everyone in this country pays their fair share?

And by the way, when I mention the word success, I am not just referring to billionaires and millionaires. Success is defined in many ways. I am talking about every person in this country who works hard to get ahead, provide a life for themselves and their families. It's about damn time we stop being penalized for working hard and making more money.

It's time for a change. There's a link on this blog for "Americans for Fair Taxation" and I recommend every person who reads this blog check it out. Nobody's trying to tell you that you have to support it, but do yourself a favor and just read what it's all about. If you have a job and you are paying taxes, I can't imagine you could think it's ok for the government to take a hefty portion of your earnings by force and give it to someone else.

That sounds awful doesn't it? Well yeah. That's what our government has been doing to us for years. Do you really think the government is the better judge of how to spend your money than you are?

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