Monday, June 05, 2006

It's about time Bush get with the real pressing matters...

It's always great when the President of the United States revives a long-dead issue because he truly believes it's among the top issues facing people in the United States. I mean we all know that GAY MARRIAGE threatens the very core of our society. It's bigger than Iran, Iraq, illegal immigration, social security, and all the rest of those really serious problems facing us today.

Now do me one favor, if you reply, don't make it a religious issue. I'm just not up for debating religious beliefs today. I know some of you have a strong faith and were raised to believe being gay is wrong but I've got a couple of people close to me who are gay and really I just don't want to have to read a dozen comments about how it's wrong. They are good, decent, honest, people and I just don't want my day ruined by having to read that they're going to hell, people are praying for them, and all that. Just let it be ok?

I hear people talking about how we need the government to pass a law to ban gay marriage in order to teach the younger generation about morals, to help them make the right choices.


Ok first off any person who believes the government should be teaching their kid morals, is an idiot, and second, having a law banning gay marriage isn't going to change anyone's desire to be or not be with someone of the same sex. A law banning the marriage doesn't change the fact there are gays in our society and it doesn't suddenly make them straight.

That said, my opinion on gay marriage isn't important here. What is important is that with all the shit going on in the world, Bush dredged up this long-dead issue from the great beyond to try and breathe life into it again. For what purpose? There's no way in hell it's going to pass, for if it did it would mean certain death for the careers of many politicians. And we all know elections are slowly approaching.

For me it comes down to simple common sense. We have it, they don't. The "they" is the Preisdent and those in Congress backing this insane idea. They can't possibly expect to pass a Constitutional amendment to prevent one group of people from doing something that is legal for everyone else.

I say leave it to the states, let them work it out. I think the President needs to shut the hell up on this one and begin putting his thoughts into more pressing matters.

Rude? Yes
Disrespectful? Absolutely

And if they keep this up, there'll be more of it.

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