Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just plain disturbing...

Well the latest news is quite interesting.

Seems that it wasn't a terrorist ambush that killed two soldiers (McCaffrey and Tyson) back in 2004, it was actually the Iraqi Civil Defense workers patrolling with them. And what's worse is that it was the media who broke it to the families yesterday, not the Pentagon. The families received a call from a government official telling them they would be visiting with them today to discuss something with them. That's all that was said.

It was the media who informed the families of PFCs Tucker and Menchaca that they had been tortured and beheaded and that the bodies were found. How did those families find out? By watching the news broadcast like the rest of us. Yes, they found out about the gruesome death of their soldiers by watching the news. When the media reported it, the Pentagon hadn't even confirmed it yet. The only confirmation had come from the Iraqi Ministry.

Words cannot describe how despicable this is, that the media would be reporting these details without the family having been notified FIRST by military officials. And I think that someone needs to do something about this immediately.

I wonder how long it will take for the world to find out it wasn't terrorist who killed these soldiers, but the Iraqis they were helping defend.

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