Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Somebody's out to get Rush...

The cops confiscated a bottle of Viagra from Rush. Ok so he had a bottle of it in his possession which didn't have his name on it. Big deal! Like possessing Viagra is the end of the world???

Hell, Rush could have said it was a friend's and he was taking it to him, is there a law against that? I used to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy for my parents all the time, would I have been in trouble for being caught in possession of them? Since when is Viagra in the same category as narcotics?

Anyway looks like Rush did the honorable thing and told the truth. He had a reason to worry about his privacy. You know what would happen if someone found out he was taking Viagra.

What I'm wondering is who tipped off Customs that Rush had a bottle of Viagra? Frankly I think someone who doesn't like him did it to send the media into another anti-Rush feeding frenzy.

Must be nothing else going on in the world eh?

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  1. Aw, poor Rush....someone's obviously got "hard" feelings for him, pardon the pun.