Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Earth to Roethlisberger...

From a 2005 NFL.com article:

"I'm pretty conservative and laid back, but the big thing is to just be careful," Roethlisberger said as the Steelers opened their minicamp. "I'll just continue to be careful. I told him we don't ever ride alone, we always ride in a group of people, and I think it makes it even more safe."

Asked why he doesn't wear a helmet -- something he wouldn't think about doing on a football field -- Roethlisberger pointed out Pennsylvania's 35-year-old state law requiring helmets to be worn was amended two years ago.

"Obviously Pennsylvania doesn't think people need to (wear a helmet)," he said. "There's a law you've got to wear it in football."

Imagine that? Actually justifying his decision not to wear a helmet based on the government repealing the law mandating it? How could he be that stupid? The State of Pennsylvania repealed the law to lessen the government intrusion in the lives of private individuals. But repealing that law doesn't lessen the danger.

Roethlisberger might have an education, talent and a lot of money but in the end he lacks the most important thing a person could have and that's common sense.