Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well, this bites...

"Alberto formed near Cuba over the weekend and was now located about 190 miles south-southwest of Apalachicola, Florida, and about 220 miles southwest of Cedar Key."

Oh joy. Cedar Key's just a hop, skip, and jump from us.

It's not the rain that's bothering me, we're on high ground, it's the wind and the possible power outages which SUCK even if you have a portable generator. Last time we went through direct storms it was in 2004 and we lost power for a week each with Frances and Jeanne. No we did not have a generator, it had been ordered but did not come in until the day our power was turned back on with Jeanne. We lived back at the other place, the small stone cottage in the woods, I mean we lived way back in the woods. We were protected from the winds by the giant trees. Now we don't live in a heavy duty stone house anymore, the rental property we moved into recently is a very large 1999 Fleetwood doublewide mobile home on five acres of woods. It seems very sturdy but hello--it's still a mobile home--more susceptible to tornadoes. Our utilies are underground but that doesn't mean our power won't go out. It's been hot too so I hope it doesn't.

I know mom and dad worry too because they also live in a large mobile home, one that is 25 years old, and they worry what could happen in strong winds and tornadoes. There's no risk of flooding, their 8.5 acres is on high ground, but they don't have that wind protection from trees like we do. I will say though the place held up nicely during Storm of the Century so I think they'd be ok. Personally, I think mobile homes should be outlawed. Yeah when my folks moved us up here from Miami in 1980, we had always lived in a concrete block house, the nice sturdy ones. Then we moved up here and they bought a nice mobile home but only after living in it did they find out just how much could go wrong with it. I am sure they would have done it different, had they known.

One more gripe here is homeowner's insurance.

DH and I have renter's insurance on our personal property, and the man who owns our place has property insurance through Citizen's which was the company of last resort for people who had no other option but to purchase the State insurance (which is EXTREMELY expensive by the way). People who have homeowner's insurance on mobile homes really get the shaft, especially those NOT on Citizen's but using private companies. These people, like my folks, have to be worried because 1) they can't get much insurance on the home and contents as the mobile home gets older and 2) if you have to make a claim, well you can't. You can't because you will be cancelled. So you pay for premiums to a company you can't file a claim with and so you live with the damage to your home until other weather conditions make it worse year after year.

And in the meantime, people who live inland, in mobile homes--people who make their premium payments on time, who have an excellent history---have to worry about whether or not they will get dropped for making one claim while people who live in coastal areas, who are usually the first to get hit, keep making claims year after year and even though their premiums go up, their insurance still kicks in and they're allowed to rebuild.


  1. Wishing you the best in dealing with ALberto.

  2. Yay...You ready to hunker down again?? I just left Publix to stock up on some water...It was a zoo, and the supplies are already dwindling...

    Here we go again! Gotta love Florida!!

  3. Anonymous6/12/2006

    We are prepared. I did the Walmart thing yesterday. Luckily we now have a generator too. Paige needs it to run her feeding pump. Last time my mom never lost power, so we stayed with her. Now that was a real blessing. I'm hoping this is all rain and little wind. We'll see in about 12 hours.

    You know I'm 36 years old. I've lived in Florida all my life and the first hurricane I've ever been in was in the lovely 2004 season. Let's pray it's not another one of those years.--ST