Monday, July 31, 2006

ADL --no free speech for you!

What I don't get is why the ADL wants an "investigation" into an alleged cover-up of Mel Gibson's anti-semitic comments when he was arrested. First off, what do his comments have to do with his drunk driving? Nothing.

Second, while I am not defending Mel, it's not a crime to say you blame Jews for all the wars in the world.

I think the ADL sometimes forgets that a person has the right to their opinion, even when that opinion seems absurd and ridiculous.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

#48: Say Goodnight, Gracie

De Blogafon is now OVER!

Thanks everyone who visited and commented and thanks to all my sponsors for donating to Best Friends Animal Society, it is a very worthy cause.

And now I shall say goodnight and thank GOD I don't have to do this again till next year!

#47: What to do today?

Well for starters I am going to shower, then sleep, then get up and finish my homework assignment, study for my quiz and final. I am also registered in six hours this semester and I am going to mull over that today as to whether or not I can handle that in the fall with work and everything else!

#46: Holy computer Batman!

Ok I'm almost outta here and this damn thing is giving me trouble posting!!!

I'm going to toss this thing! I tried to get it to publish and it kept giving me errors. Wait, that's not the PC, that's screwing up!

Not going to cheat me out of a full 24, no way!!

#45: I made it!!

Well it's always darkest just before the dawn or some crap like that. I made it. I came out from the night unscathed. Tired as hell but unscathed. I would highly recommend not putting me behind the wheel of any car today.

#44: Few more hours

I still have to finish this essay about wall paintings/mosaics/stained glass, and I have to study study study. I have to catch up on my sleep, iron my stuff for the week, oy vey oy vey what's a girl to do?

#43: Cindy Sheehan

Geez, I must be tired, I almost said Cindy Crawford. Can you believe this insane woman had someone else buy five acres of property next to Bush's ranch in Crawford so she can hold protests? Yeah she had him buy it for her and then sell it to her cause she knew the person who owned it never would have sold it to her directly.

Frankly I think she's a friggin lunatic and I think what she's doing is the equivalent of stalking. I mean HELLO, she is planning to harass a sitting President. I know she mourns the loss of her son Casey Iwho volunteered in the army BTW) but IMO she is unstable and I fear she could attempt to harm the President if she got the chance. And because of her irrational behavior and instability, the Secret Service should prevent her from being anywhere near the President's ranch. THAT is not infringement upon free speech because Cindy Sheehan can have her free speech anywhere. She's a danger to him and his family. ANd if she doesn't shoot him she'll incite some other whack job to do it.

I dont' care what party you are or what you think about Bush, in America we do not advocate shooting our leaders.

#42: Oh yeah...

I just remembered what Art's show was about tonight, about Global Warming and the earth being eventually uninhabitable. Did you know that the Amazon provides us with much of the oxygen we breathe with? And if it dries up and becomes a savannah or at worse a desert, our world will become nearly uninhabitable.

Amazing eh? Gives new meaning to "protect the rainforests"

#41: Art Bell

Ok while most of you were snoozing, I stayed up with Art and Coast to Coast AM. He kept me from falling asleep!

The thing is I can't remember what the hell his show was about tonight. Uh hello, earth to to Jess.

I do recall he mentioned his new wife Erin is 4'9".

Holy cow.

#40: Where are my fans?

I've been providing my parents with entertainment tonight and now they're asleep. Susan's asleep, my DH is asleep, even the pets are asleep. They left me all alone. Mom's like "you need to get some rest you'll feel like hell Monday" Oh hell yeah, I won't catch up for days and I will be a raging bitch.

Keep thinking of the little animal guys. Little animal guys. Little animal guys.......

#39: Golden Girls!

I must have no life.

I found out that Lifetime television is taking the Golden Girls off the 6 pm slot and putting on that stupid comedy with Reba McEntire and I got really upset. I mean REBA? WTF? Ok someone really should tell her she's too cute for TV. She can't act, she's not funny, but her music is great. WHY REBA did you have to ruin a good thing and try acting. Not only can she not act but the guy who plays her exhusband can't act either. I didn't like him in Murphy Brown, I don't like him in Reba. And the chick who plays his dumb wife? Hello, this has been done to death in television. Note to producers: the blonde = dumb thing is so OLD.

Anyway, I've been watching the Golden Girls since it hit TV back in 1985. My grams and I used to watch it every Saturday night. It was OUR show. And back then I'd think to myself "when I grow up I wanna be a Golden Girl" usually Dorothy (naturally, mom and I are typical Dorothy). I come home from work, relax, cook dinner and the one show we enjoy watching is Golden Girls and now lifetime is taking them off in the evenings. What's to come of my life now eh?

Can I sue?

#38: Nick at Nite...

I lived back home for about seven years prior to 2001 and mom and I used to sit up and watch "I Love Lucy" on Nick at Nite. Remember that mom? I'd be in my room sometimes watching it and you would be in the living room. Dad would be sleeping or he was working down at Cape Canaveral. It was funny cause if I was in my room watching it I could hear mom cackling in the other room she was laughing so hard.

We had fun didn't we?

#37: Who the hell cares?

Ok raise your hand if you really give a flying rat's ass about Pamela Anderson marrying Kid Rock in St. Tropez.

I didn't think so. In fact, nobody gives a damn so why is it one of the top stories on ABC news?

Pamela Anderson is so low-class. Not only is she a bad actress (her stint on Home Improvement bordered on barf-worthy), but she's also ugly too. Her face is too perfect, her lips are too big, her eyebrows are way too fake, she wears too much makeup and her breasts are too big.

And Kid Rock? I'm not a fan of his music but I am even less of a fan now that I found out he married her. Oh good lord what are these people thinking? I mean HELLO--Kid, do you have to be knocked in the head to see reality? She has been with that nasty ass Tommy Lee, who slept with EVERYONE else. EWWWWWW!!!

I hope Kid gets that "thing" of his checked out once every three months to make sure it's not going to fall off. :D

#36: May never blog again!

Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!
Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I need sleep, must have sleep, or else!

#35: Open season on Jews...

That guy who killed those Jews in Seattle yesterday---he held a gun to the head of a thirteen year old girl so he could get past security to get into the building. Then he claims he opened fire because he was mad at Israel and the US.

Oh great, tuck your star of David in your shirt, don't be caught going into a synagogue, it's open season now.

#34: Uh--Kofi you can kiss off now...

Seems like Israel had damn good reason to hit those UN posts. I just heard that one of the Canadian UN observers wrote in an email days before he died that Hezbollah was using the UN observer posts as shields, to launch missiles at Israel.

Hmm....sounds like Kofi can open mouth, insert foot eh?

#33: 1 am and still at it

These little guys I am blogging for are so worth this but damn I am tired. I need my BEAUTY SLEEP! I'm going to be a real bitch tomorrow ya think?

#32: A real bottomless pit...

Can I do this? Can I stay up and do this? The worst is going to be between midnight and 6 am. Thank God I have my headphones playing overnight talk radio. Speaking of, that means Art Bell will be on tonight.

Two nights ago on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, he was talking about this hole called "Mel's hole" and apparently this guy had a hole in his backyard and he wanted to fill it so he threw garbage and stuff in it and it never hit bottom. Apparently neighbors began throwing all their junk int here and the hole kept consuming it, it never filled up. WHERE DID THAT STUFF GO?

#31: My guilty pleasure--The Simple Life

Ok I will admit that I hate reality shows. I don't watch ANY of them. So what is it about "The Simple Life" that keeps me tuning in (when I remember it's on)? It's the fact that Nicole and Paris don't try to be anything more than what they are--rich spoiled brats. And something about them makes me like them. Maybe because I think they're smarter than they let on and maybe because they are actually having FUN doing the Simple Life. The show is so absurd it's hilarious. And watching Paris and Nicole trying to do some of the shit they do keeps me rolling. I remember one episode they had to work at a fast food restaurant. They kept screwing up so the manager told them to put on these suits dressed like the mascot and go outside and advertise on the highway. Well they were goofing off and because it was so hot, they walked over to a local grocery store to get cool but they fell down in an aisle and couldn't get up because of the suits. THe manager of the restaurant was so pissed and she had to go in the store and pick them off the floor. It really was funny.

Ok you can proceed to make fun of me now!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

#30: More anti-Israel crap...

"It's pretty apparent that the number, the scale of civilian casualties in this conflict raises very serious questions about breaches of the laws and customs of war in a way, not only that is a breach of international humanitarian law but that could engage international criminal law and could engage personal criminal responsibility, all the way up the chain of command."
.....Louise Arbour, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

She's suggesting the IDF be charged with war crimes....for targeting terrorists.

And then there's this

"I very much hope that the Americans understand what's happening to Lebanon. These have not been surgical strikes. And it's very, very difficult, I think, to understand the kind of military tactics that have been used.

You know, if they're chasing Hezbollah, you go for Hezbollah. You don't go for the entire Lebanese nation. And that's the difference."
....Kim Howells, British Minister of State.

And all I am thinking is uh-hello? Hezbollah is integrated with the Lebanese people, they make up part of the Lebanese government. You can't attack Hezbollah without causing damage to Lebanon.

These people make me wanna hurl!

#29: Emergency news...

Mel Gibson was arrested for WHAT?

You have got to be kidding. Ok just stop it. STOP IT.

Mel Gibson does NOT get arrested.

Other people get arrested. Mel does not.

My bet is that it was just his blood alcohol level is just normally high. Yeah that's it.

Oy vey Mel how could you do this to me?

#28: 8 hours in a bar

I used to pal around with this guy friend of mine about 6-7 years ago. Anyway, we used to have this habit of going to the Ale House every other Friday after work to have a few drinks. When we got there, it was about 5:30 p.m. and the place was pretty slow. I'd be drinking my beer slow early and then five hours later I was doing shots of tequila in between beers. You know what's funny when you are toasted like this? When you walk to the bathroom you are so acting like you are so alert and sharp and your eyes never leave that bathroom door all the way to it because if you divert even for a moment you might wind up in the wrong restroom! Anyway, before we knew it, it would be 2 am and they were closing the place down. And that's when I realized we spent the equivalent of an ENTIRE workday drinking.

Umm...that isn't necessarily a bad thing is it?

#27: Why can't men

hit the INSIDE of the toilet?

I don't get it. It's a large bowl, it's a straight stream, so why can't a guy get it into the bowl? What is so difficult about it?

Picture this, a guy who can do laundry like your mother, makes it smell like a fresh summer day and folds it perfectly, he can grocery shop and pick up every single thing you use, he changes the oil on the car, is great at building furniture out of wood and can even cook to a point...

....but he can't piss a straight stream into the toilet?

I am befuddled. Personally, I think that this was God's big fat joke on women. He figured "oh no that pain of childbirth is nothing, let me give you a man who can't pee into the toilet and see if you ever eat that apple again!"

Gee thanks God :)

#26: Working for a witch...

I have personally worked for two real-life wicked witches of the west in my lifetime. The first one was named Lynn and she was my boss when I worked in the hotel business. She thought that being her administrative assistant meant I had to also pick up her kid and babysit the brat too. Actually the only reason he was a brat was because his parents were divorced and hated each other. She hated her ex because he was a model who cheated on her and he couldn't stand her because well--she was a bitch. Lyn spent most of her time smoking up a storm and drinking wine and bragging about how great a sales exec she was. Can I barf? Yeah some sales exec...they booted her sorry ass in time. I hated that woman. She was the first woman I ever worked for and even though she was older, had her college degree and made more money than me she was envious of me. I have no idea why. I suppose she envied my youthful exuberance and good looks? She was pretty, could have been moreso if she hadn't worn so much godawful red lipstick. That cigarette also didn't do much for her either. Anyway God knows where she is now but at least it's not in MY workplace.

The other well, let's just say if there ever was a bitch of bitches, a real Queen of the Damned, this woman was it. I won't say her name here but trust me on this one. This woman made the lives of every woman who worked for her (sans the kiss asses) a living nightmare. No less than a dozen people escaped her clutches and found other jobs. I don't often daydream of choking someone but there were times my imagination got the best of me. I'm so terrible aren't I?

#25: No wonder Toyota is #1...

If you ever come across someone who needs to know if you can fit eleven people into a compact Toyota Tercel, tell them yes, you can.

Not that I personally know that you can put two people in the front passenger seat, six in the back, and two comfortably in the trunk.

#24: Jerks

Ever been treated like shit by someone and found out later on they got what was coming to them? I'm not a mean person by nature but there are a few people in my life who apparently thought their shit didn't stink but in the end, it was the stinkiest shit on the block.

Think about it? How many people do you know who wronged you in some way and eventually got their come-uppance?

Just gotta add here..

In case you guys out there think this blogging thing is a piece of cake I'll have you know that I am not only blogging 24 hours straight, but I am trying to comment to posts on my own blog, other people's blogs all while trying to write an essay on the progression of frescoes/mural paintings to mosaics to stained glass while studying for a quiz and final exam.

Blogathon picked a hell of a week!!

#23: Knock down, drag out

My sister Kim is a year younger than me and we normally got along when we were kids but there were times she just pissed me off royally. We always shared a room and I wound up cleaning up her mess all the time or she would tell on me for something I did that she knew mom would get mad at. I cleaned the room and made her bed. She was the youngest and spoiled, though looking back she was a good kid. There was this one time, I don't even know what we were arguing about and we couldn't have been more than 12-13 years old. I had enough of her crap and started wailing on her. I pulled her hair so damn hard, she started screaming. I'm telling you besides DH, my sister was the only person who could ever make me that angry. I'm surprised she had hair left. It was like something just cracked in me and I went ballistic. That happened on several occasions and I always got in trouble. Yeah big big big sister picking on sweet innocent little sister.

Uh huh--looking back I bet mom and dad know better eh? Sis is cool now and we get along but I would not want to be the one to mess with her because she could kick my ass!

#22: When dad says...

"touch the electric fence"...don't!

My folks ventured out and bought some horses many years ago. First it was Cash and his sister Brandy, they were both Apaloosas, and then later came War Baby and Jordanne. Well we fenced off the front pasture for them and dad used electrical wire all the way around instead of barbed wire to keep them away from the fence. One day we were standing out there and he said "hey, touch that wire" (jokingly).

Now WTF do you suppose I did?

A) Looked at him and said "are you kidding?"
B) Looked at him AGAIN and said "are you kidding?"
C) Touched the wire.

All I can say is damn that shit hurt!!!

#21: Caution: Glass breaks

When I was 15 or 16 years old and my parents were still at work and sis, bro and me were home alone after school, I got a hankering to play with the BB rifle. Now you know how I'm always bitching about people doing stupid things and then looking back thinking WTF?

Ok, that's me.

That day I pointed the BB gun at the glass window pane on the front screen door and let go. Just one BB is all it took, it shattered in a second. And I shit my pants and was like "uh oh". I panicked and finally came up with a story to tell my parents.

And they bought it.

I told them I shot at a pine tree and it ricocheted and hit the glass door. I didn't really get into trouble, I don't know how my dad fixed it, I think maybe he just got a new door?

It wasn't till a few years ago I told them the truth. When I was an adult and of course when I could outrun them.

#20: My sister shot me...

Don't ask all the gory details, all I can say is involved me, my sister, and a BB gun, all while my parents were at work.

What I want to know is WHY she never got in trouble for it?

Uh to answer that one? :D

#19: My favorite book of all time... "Black Beauty"

My parents and grandparents used to give me books for my birthday when I was a child. In 1974 I received Black Beauty inscribed by my parents as always. I read it what I think amounted to a thousand times and never ever got bored with it.

I often fancied myself in that time and place--England in the 1800's. Reading it back then made me feel happy and warm. I no longer have that particular book my parents gave me and I can't bring myself to read any other edition but that one. That small book with the yellow cover with the black horse on it was really my favorite edition. I wish I still had it. I found it once at a used bookseller online but never brought myself to buy it. Maybe if I do buy it, the memory will somehow be tainted? My DH bought the movie for me but still I don't watch it though I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I want to leave things as they are---just remembering what Black Beauty meant to me as a child. Some things are better left where they are, you know what I mean?

#18: A correction, please...

In post #12 I mentioned I never had a car in the military. Ok that was an error on my part. I did have a car. In 1987 in Hawaii, I paid $2,000 for a Toyota Celica GT hatchback, maroon with louvers. MY FIRST CAR! I was so excited!!

Did I mention it was a five-speed?

And uh--I didn't know how to drive a five-speed?

Well I wanted a car so I bought this one from one of my coworkers named Punky. And some of the guys I knew offered to teach me how to handle a stick over on the North Forty which was a paved parking area near the North pier. It took forever and I just couldn't seem to drive that damn thing without lurching with every step. Now of course I let other people drive it to and from town with me in it, does that count?

I had to get insurance on it and never did, finally the XO told me I had to park it off base. Well I was gone temporarily and returned and every piece of that car had been stripped from the inside and out and it had been towed off. All that was left were citations for me to pay for it being parked illegally across from the base.

And that's the story of my first car. And now you can see why in post #12 I had no car.

#17: More getting beat up...

While I am strolling down memory lane I suppose it's only fitting to talk about the second time I got beat up.

I know doesn't this just sound f'd up? A girl talking about having been beat up by a boy in school?

Well at the same school the last episode happened at, there was this boy named Stephen Caudill, a blonde haired ruffian in my class. I don't remember why he wanted to beat me up but he did. And one day I knew he was after me and I crossed the street from the school (we lived right down the block from the school) and he got to me at the corner opposite the school and he pushed me down and my books and papers went everywhere. Luckily someone from the school had been looking out the window and came and helped me. I can't remember much of what happened to him but our vice-principal a former boxer with tattoos named Mr. Newcomb took me to his office to make sure I was ok. I kinda feel bad now that I used to sit on that street corner with my friend Debbie whose house was right there and we'd tell imaginary stories about Mr. Newcomb and all the terrible things he probably did in his life (we figured tattoos meant he was a bad guy!).

Also when I was in junior high school up in North Florida, there was this girl named Toni and we used to write notes back and forth. Well I wrote a note to her one day and said something like "my mother says I can't hang around you anymore. She says you are a bad influence and you are a whore" and she took it to meant I was calling her a whore. Now of course she knew I wasn't but she was a bitch and wanted to pick on me. She told me she would meet me behind the bandroom and sure enough she and her loser group --- Sheila, Hazel and company (yeah the "real" winners in our school LOL) were there and Toni hit me in the jaw! She didn't break or bruise it but I don't know why I let her do it. I was a friggin WEENIE! I never told anyone about that. Toni is dead now, died of cancer a few years back. I had no ill-will towards her, but I tell you what--she sure did hang around the wrong crowd back then.

I just have to say two things on this issue of beating people up...

1) Any guy who hits a girl is an asshole

2) Any girl who fights another girl in an asshole

I think that sums up my feelings nicely, ya think?

#15: My fascination with Old Time Radio...

Most folks my age probably don't know what Old Time Radio is and that's too bad, because it's a part of American culture they're missing out on.

It was a Sunday evening during the Summer, the year was around 1983. I had a walkman my parents had given me for either Christmas or my birthday. Back then they were really very plain but I cherished it so. I was outside that evening with my walkman on and I was channel surfing when I came upon a station and I heard what appeared to be an older show being broadcast. Immediately my mind went back to the "Darkroom" episode about the man whose son's Crystal Radio was suddenly picking up broadcasts from 1942. Somehow he got thrown back in time to Nazi Germany. In the end, he had saved his father's life but changed the course of history because now on his street corner in his small town in America, were Nazi soldiers. It was really creepy. And yet I always imagined that would happen to me, thrown back in time by some strange radio....

Anyway, I like to use my imagination like that. But really what i had picked up that Sunday night was the old time radio broadcasts on the local PBS radio station. And I have been listening to old time radio since. My favorite shows include a variety of comedy, western, thriller and drama including Our Miss Brooks, Suspense, Escape, Frontier Gentleman, Phil Harris and Alice Faye, Fibber McGee and Molly, Gunsmoke, The Whistler, Halls of Ivy, Screen Director's Playhouse, The Six Shooter, Dimension X and X minus One.

I really wish that young people could be exposed to these shows, they are an important part of our culture and not knowing anything about them means they're missing out on an important part of their heritage.

#14: 10 things..

..I learned in the military...

1. Never volunteer for anything.

2. Never say "no" to your superior officer.

3. Never date a man you are stationed with, better yet never date a man stationed within a fifty mile radius of your unit.

4. Never tell your Company Commander you can't do pushups because you have cramps.

5. Never participate in practical jokes that involve lifting the "Secret" stamp from the XO's office and stamping everything in sight resulting in the entire crew being threatened with loss of liberty and nightly intensive training until the stamp is returned.

6. Never go underway after you have eaten.

7. Never say "I can do it better than you" if you can't.

8. Never get drunk with a civilians and call your OinC "Yoda" only to find out that his son was a part of that group.

9. Never drink beer followed by screwdrivers.

10. Never believe a recruiter! LOL

#13: Movies that scared me!

Back in 1979, I was ten years old. One night my parents let us watch “Salem’s Lot” on television with them. We went into their bedroom which nice and cool from the air-conditioning, I chose to sit on the floor. The movie was scary but I could handle it until the part where the kid who is a dead vampire floats outside that window and scratching at the glass. I was SCARED TO DEATH I could hardly breathe. And then there was a commercial and mom says “Jess will you go into the kitchen and get me another cup of coffee?”

WHY ME? Oh my I had to go out of the bedroom and into that dark kitchen all by myself? How was I going to do it?

I ran all the way in and out. To this day when I watch that movie I can’t help but get a chill up my spine thinking about how scared I was when I watched that scene.

#12: Check the license

When I was in the military I didn't have a car and for the most part never really needed one. But one day my friend Tony, who had an MG and a blue Monte Carlo, let me borrow his car. He usually did if I needed it. Anyway, one day I had to run to Eckerd's to get some toiletries, it was only a few miles away. On my way out of the Eckerd's some guy hit me and I hit a pole. He got out and begged me not to say anything because he'd get into trouble. Well HELLO? He hit me. Actually I pulled out from Eckerd's to take a left and a car had been to my right and I had a blind spot so I pulled out anyway. Like a friggin dufus!

I had this guy follow me back to the station and we called the State Troopers. Not only did I get out of getting a ticket for reckless driving (pulling out without having a clear vision) but I also avoided a ticket when the Trooper checked my license and found out it was "restricted". Now restricted back in the 80's meant it was the permit before the permit, like a learner's permit--where you can't drive unless you have someone over 18 and you can't drive after the sun goes down. I got it when I was 16 and somehow wound up never getting the real thing although I knew how to drive. The trooper said to me "you better get your license, all I am giving you is a warning!" and so I came back home and got my regular license.

I was lucky because out of boot camp my first unit was Hawaii and you can't go overseas if you don't have a license. Somebody goofed when checking my license, they never realized it was a restricted. And so off to Hawaii I went. As a matter of fact, I used to drive the duty van several times a week and often drove government vehicles.

I learned a valuable lesson after that, I NEVER EVER pull out onto the main drag unless I have a clear line of sight. I am sure Tony was wishing I'd learned that BEFORE getting into his car!

#11: You have to suffer to be beautiful...

My grams used to tell me that when I was a kid. Smart woman wasn't she? And she was always telling us to stand up straight and hold our stomachs in. You know I still walk around like that? I hold it in subconsciously without even thinking about it.

Suffering to be beautiful sucks. I'd really just rather be comfy and somewhat cute.

#10: When I was a kid

I wanted to be...

A teacher.

Can you believe it? I wanted to be a teacher. I bet all my former teachers would be laughing their ass off if the knew that?

Now I wouldn't mind still being a teacher but I'd want complete control over my students, my curriculum and since in public schools that won't happen...I have to "educate" in other ways.

A teacher!

Ha! That's funny, esp. coming from me!

#9: Mom d/n = hair stylist!

Why do moms think they can cut hair? It's amazing how popping out a few kids makes a woman think she has this sudden miraculous talent with scissors. Now whether she was saving money or just testing her mom hair cutting skills, I don't know but I can tell you that when I was a kid, my mother went to town on my head.

The good thing is that we live in an era where we are encouraged to blame all our miseries on our parents. So now I declare that my life is miserable because my mother made me look like she put a bowl over my head and cut everything that stuck out from under it. It has caused me to be dysfunctional so I wanna know---is there some special government compensation for that?

Hey ma, you know I love ya, but you can't cut my hair anymore ok? :)

#8: Family Dinners...

There's nothing quite like a family dinner, when everyone gets together and sits down at the table and has a good time. Our family was no different. Our family dinners were always very disorganized and loud.

Let's see there's dad who is telling Buddy to lay down under the table, grams who is yelling at Buddy to get out from under the table, mom who is saying "ma, leave the dog alone will ya", me saying "oh will you guys quit yelling at Buddy?", Kim lauging and David sighing with an "oy vey!".

And then there are times when we're ready to serve dinner and grams is running around the kitchen when we need her to sit down because nobody else can sit down till she gets to her end of the table. It'll be me saying "graaaams can you please sit down so the rest of us can?" and dad saying "maaaaa, shut up and sit down will ya?", then mom in the kitchen going apeshit saying "ma, I can get this, would you PLEASE sit down?", Kim laughing and David sighing with an "oy vey!"

Oh and then there were the times my sister would tell jokes at the table. It would be all of us plus my aunt and uncle. I was considerate of them because they are Christian and don't really like off-color, off-gender jokes, and then of course I was considering myself too because Oh My God my sister had this tendency to tell jokes, not just jokes, but the ones that come from the "truly tasteless" series. And we'd be sitting at the table and she'd just blurt out this really perverted joke and I would be like "oh my God" and sink under the table red in the face. Later on she got better because at least she gave me advanced warning like "hey I have a joke for you guys" and then it gave me at least a few seconds to pretend I was choking on a bone to divert attention away from her. It wasn't long before I was figured out. I mean how many times can you choke on a bone in one dinner?

Anyway, my sister got better because now she really doesn't tell those jokes at the table. I think maybe it's partly because she knows they embarass me but partly because she knows that my grandmother will reach across the table and put duct tape over her mouth ROFL. Actually with my sister it would be black electrical tape, her favorite brand. The tape she used over the windows in her bedroom when she went through her "teenage phase".

There have been a lot of changes in our family and lives over the years but one thing remains the same and that is our family dinners are still sometimes loud, sometimes obnoxious, sometimes disorganized and grams never seems to get herself to the table first so everyone else can sit down.

#7: Trying to make some dinero

My sister and I weren't really entrepreneurs when we were younger but since necessity is the mother of invention and we wanted money---not money for movies or bowling or skating because mom and dad always gave us that---we decided maybe we needed to get a job. We were seven, eight years old at the time and at that age one isn't really skilled at much. One day after brainstorming we got this idea to take grandma's weed clippers, a couple of pairs of gardening gloves and go house to house in our neighborhood asking our neighbors if they wanted any weeds trimmed or pulled. Some actually said yes, and so they put us to work. Man what in hell were we thinking? I'd like to say our first venture into capitalism and money-making was memorable but it wasn't. It sucked. Slaving away in the hot hot sun fro a mere 50 cents an hour, working for people who probably just hired us because they either thought "oh how cute" or that we were just amusing to watch, just sucked.

It wasn't long before we decided that so long as mom and dad gave us money for movies, bowling and skating, we were really better off just being good daughters without jobs.

#6: Ode to gramps...

Is there some special tv show or piece of music that brings back a particular memory you have with someone? I think everyone could say yes to that.

I have several, among them is "The Price is Right". One summer when grams and gramps had left Miami and retired in North Florida, I had the chance to spend a few months with them. Grams hadn't retired yet and so she worked at Neisner's part time and gramps and I would stay home and hang out together. He had emphysema so he couldn't go outside and do a whole lot and summers were hot so we stayed indoors mostly. Every day about 11:00 a.m. we would watch the Price is Right and at noon grams would come home for lunch and make us boiled hot dogs.

Those were great times. Even now every time I see older episodes of the Price is Right I am compelled to watch it. I love the theme song too, it reminds me of the time I got to spend with gramps.

#5: "Wild Times in Hawaii..."

"When I was in England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it. I didn't inhale and never tried it again." ...Bill Clinton

Yeah uh--right Bill.

I inhaled and I'm not afraid to say it. Who smokes a joint and doesn't inhale? I mean if you don't inhale how do you even know if you like it? Hell if you don't inhale why are you even smoking it?

I was in the military, stationed in Hawaii and we had busy days and at night we liked to let loose. On Friday and Saturday nights if we didn't have duty, most of us were up in Joe and Tracy's room, each of us forking over $10 for booze and food and they'd be off to the grocery store to buy it all.

There was nothing else to do at night in Hawaii but drink and smoke a few joints, or go clubbing in downtown Waikiki. All of that got old but I did get to experience all of it. Ok I wasn't a dopehead, but there were occasions where I would smoke a little here and there. It got rid of the stress and all it really did was make you eat and you fell asleep. That's it. Except those few times I got brave and would walk from my room in the barracks down to the Admin building to visit a friend of mine who was on duty in the radio room. I wonder if those guys could tell that on a few visits I was high as a kite? I don't even remember the walk back to the barracks!

Then there was the booze, HOLY COW, the booze...

One night we had this party in the barracks and we must have had $400 worth of booze in their room in the barracks. Where the Master of Arms was at that time I had no idea. It was a floor party and everyone who lived in the barracks was there. We were watching "Top Gun" which was hooked up to on Joe and Tracy's brand new Sansui stereo system with speakers 4 feet high. I remember thinking that Vodka and orange juice was a real nice combination and so I started drinking them.

And drinking them.

And drinking them.

And drinking them.

Uh I think someone forgot to throw some food in there somewhere. Yep. That's what happened. And a few hours later, I felt funny (not funny ha ha but funny like the world was spinning) and so I ran to the fire escape just down the hall. I opened the fire escape door to the outside and saw some of the guys down in the parking lot, parking their car. The last thing I remember was puking over the fire escape. I really never thought "what if someone opens the door downstairs under me?"

I'll tell you what, I never saw puke shoot like that except of course in the Exorcist when young Linda Blair shot pea soup all over Max von Sydow. Not a pretty sight. Only mine wasn't green, it was orange. Oh man I felt like I was dying. The next day thank GOD was Saturday and I lay in bed all day, then managed to drag myself to the galley for brunch in the early afternoon to which everyone asked me how my evening went. Apparently I had put on quite a show with my puke-fest. Everyone but me had gotten quite the kick out of it. Needless to say I never drank another screwdriver, I was a beer woman from there on out.

Ok mom and dad, they made me do it honest!! :)

#4: Of course when I was 16 I was an angel...

When I was 16, I was living at my grams house next door to mom and dad. That Christmas grams wanted to go to Miami to see my aunt and cousins. Mom and dad originally hesitated but eventually let me go. It was a BLAST!

We went down there for a week and had a blast. I got to hang out with all five of my cousins and just have a good time. Two of my cousins who were just a few years older than me, took me to this sports bar called "The Players Pub" and there we shot darts and played pool and they bought me beer. That's right, beer. I gotta tell you that being 16 and somewhat tipsy is really an interesting combination. I really did nothing but laugh the entire time (that's exactly what I do when I drink too much!) And what harm was it? I mean they were like brothers to me then, what harm is it to take your underage cousin out to a sports bar and get her drunk? I was in good hands, it was harmless fun and we had a great time. That was one of the fondest experiences of my life because I really got to spend quality time with them. They never call me Jessica or Jess, it's always "Jessie" and there's something I always liked about that.

Can you imagine us old folks going out and drinking NOW? We'd all be talking about which joints ache, we can't wait to retire and then we'd all go home at 9 pm and fall asleep!

#3: Just your typical family

My mom and dad are pretty normal people at least I think they are. They might tell you different. We come from your typical dysfunctional family with its own share of problems but we do care about one another very much. My mother's always been sci-fi nut. Not sci-fi like Star Trek but Steven Speilberg, Rod Serling type sci-fi. She loved shows like Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories, One Step Beyond and stuff like that. My parents actually saw "the Blob", "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" and "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". Those were the movies of their era.

So it should be no surprise that one episode of life in the early 80's found us sitting outside our home in the country, where there was 6 acres, no lights, and nothing but trees, night critters, and open sky. That night we were in the backyard around a bonfire on a cold dark night in the middle of winter. What we were doing? Roasting marshmallows, listening to the Close Encounters record through an open window and looking up in the sky for UFO's.

Yes, UFO's. My dad saw them when he was in the Air Force, my mom believes in them and I tell ya I just can't believe we're the only intelligent life forms in the universe!

We'd sit out there and tell ghost stories and look for UFO's and every time we kids thought we found one it turned out to be a falling star. But it was fun, good quality family time and we all shared a common bond--wanting to be abducted by aliens! :)

I just wonder what the neighboring farmers thought. Here were these city folks sitting outside in 30 degree weather looking for ET.

What's better is the night mom, sis, bro and me were on our way back from the movies in the dark one night. It was about a 40 minute drive home and we were in mom's 1982 Firebird, Charcoal Grey with T-tops, (her baby) and we were out in the country far from anything. All the sudden she turns off the headlights and starts saying "oh better look out for pebbles in the road, no wait...nuns in the road" LOL anyone who saw "Twilight Zone the Movie would remember that line at the beginning when Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks were driving down the lonely road in the middle of the night). ANyway, yes my mother just shuts off her headlights driving down the road. OMG it was FUN! We were thinking "yeah yeah our mom is cool"

Man I wonder what they'd do if I did that to them now?

Yeah uh--riiiight!

#2: May I borrow your daughter?

When I was five years old, my parents took my sister, brother and me to a restaurant in Miami called "Thurman's Two-Way Restaurant" . Well Thurman Napier was the owner and his wife Ethel was my kindergarten teacher. Yes, I still remember them both! Well we were eating in there and Mrs. Napier came over to our table and asked my parents if she could borrow me so I could read "Jack and the Beanstalk" to a table of friends of theirs. I went over with Mrs. Napier and read the book and all the people were so excited. Who was this 5 year old prodigy who could read beyond her years?

I never forgot that day or Mrs. Napier. She was such a lovely woman. Years later, when I was 17 and had just graduated high school and moved to Miami before I joined the military, I ran into her. Can you believe it? I was working at "Get Smart" an educational bookstore which sold educational books and supplies for teachers and lo and behold at the checkout I rang up a lady who I vaguely recognized and then she gave me her credit card and it said "Ethel Napier" and I just about had a fit.

I said "OH MY GOD MRS. NAPIER IT'S ME JESSICA C......!" and I think she about had a cow when she realized who I was. We talked a bit and then she left. I'll never forget that day running into her. I am so glad we had that chance because I believe she's gone now and I will never have that chance to give her a hug again. She was an inspiration to me. Amazing that a kindergarten teacher could have such an influence. I mean how well did you remember your kindergarten teacher?

#1: Gift of gab?

Oh my goodness what did I get myself into? Here I am feeling crappy lately and I pledged to stay awake 24 hours for charity? Ok I will do it. As we open this blog-at-thon I am listening to Sinatra, and it is relaxing, and it makes me think of mom who is the one who got me hooked on him in the first place. Thanks mom.

Speaking of mom, who I affectionately nicknamed "Sma" (that's an inside joke to mom, dad, Kim, and Deb!) who has great taste in music, it reminds me of a time when back in the 80's when we were early teens, she used to do a lot of writing. See mom always wanted to be a writer, she has this creative mind that can come up with things the rest of us could only imagine. She wrote stories with such imagination like the one about ole' Wally the cemetery caretaker and one about birds which had fed on a toxic dump and turned into giant pterodactyl type birds preying upon humans. Her stories were awesome and really good. And she'd write anecodotal type stuff like our typical family barbecues, stuff that happened in our lives, really funny reader's digest type things the average person can relate to. Mom kept copies of her stories and articles. She had submitted many stories to many magazines, trying to get published. Ultimately the bigger magazines didn't take her stuff but it didn't mean she wasn't good, lots of folks loved her work. She did finally write a column in the local paper which was in a word--AWESOME! She was funny, serious, thought-provoking, and always well-written. Many locals liked her column and many didn't. I mean here she was a New Yawk Jew moved to Miami moved to small town northern Florida. And let's just say some people thought we had no business here. Her column was refreshing but when she backed the sheriff for re-election oh HOLY HELL broke loose. You'd think she committed murder or something? The way it went you were either with mom or against her, there was no "well she's ok". The sheriff was a good guy getting railroaded, mom did the right thing backing him. She has always been a woman of conscience and her conscience told her to back him. So she and dad did some campaigning for him. All these years later I can't remember if he won or lost but I do know that mom did make a difference.

And if I recall someone even wrote a letter to the editor one time attacking her. Considering all the bad english and misspellings we didn't put much into it. I have to say though I am sure it bothered her, I mean this person was really mean. But she kept on writing until finally she didn't have time anymore, or just lost interest, I don't remember which came first. But I know she made an impact and even if she hadn't, the most important thing was she was living her dream and writing to entertain others and herself and I will say that during those days my mom was at her best. She felt great because she was doing something that really made her happy. We kids didn't realize it then, how important it was that she do something fulfilling that was separate from being wife and mom and daughter.

Now I totally understand.

I guess what I am leading to here is that I get my "gift of gab" from her. I couldn't write as well as I do without her influence. She never really taught me how, it's just something that's inside me from the time I was born. I began reading when I was three years old, I have always been an excellent speller (you'll hear about that later on!), and I have an ability to comprehend large words and pronounce foreign words and names on first glance---words that I have never seen before. My high school compositions were above average and as news editor of the high school newspaper, my articles were more mature and beyond the writing of a teenager.

I recall that in our senior year, some group of our classmates got together and voted on what everyone would be doing in the future. It was all meant to be in jest of course. I was voted most likely to take over Rona Barrett's gossip column.

The funny thing is that I never gossipped. So I could never figure that out. I was more a loner, I was friendly with people but really had no close friends. All I wanted to do was survive high school and write in the meantime.

You know some people are talented at sports, others in math or science, others are great orators, but me---when I put it to good use, I just have a gift for the written word. Mom and I have a special relationship with words, and people have told us we should pursue some kind of career using them but sometimes life gets in the way. Mom thinks her "time" has passed, I don't think so. But she always encourages me to write a book about the misadventures of my life...

Someday sma, someday...

Friday, July 28, 2006

24 hour Blog-A-Thon

Don't forget today the day of the Sixth Annual International Blog-A-Thon.


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

My pal Susan...

Susan's (aka ST) comments to my previous post about my body hurting kinda cracked me up. Yeah we are all decrepid now, isn't that weird? We've become our parents!!!

See you guys don't know Susan and Robert but I do. We all went to junior high and high school together. She and Robert have been together since the day the earth cooled LOL (ok I think it was 8th grade but it SEEMS that long doesn't it?) and I just love 'em. Funny though that we'd be friends now because in high school we were nice to one another but didn't hang out together. I really had no friends, and of course Susan and Robert pretty much hung out together all the time.

Robert and his brother are quite the characters. I remember we were in Ms. Akins art class with the other usual susects--Eddie, Brian, and Mark. Let's see, Brian, Eddie, Mark, Ronald and Robert used to be at one table and I was at the other table with I can't remember who--Tracy? Michelle and Billy used to be falling all over each other at one of the other tables. I wonder if those two actually drew anything in that class?

Anyway, I liked Robert, he was cool, it was Ronald who drove me crazy. I really enjoyed getting into arguments back then even though at times I wanted to choke Ronald! It was also funny to back out and watch the two brothers argue. I wonder who usually won those arguments? Back then they both seemed pig-headed! Actually maybe I was too? The last time I saw Ronald was when I went over to his apartment to visit him, that was a long time ago. But it was fun, it was a whole different discussion than when we were in school.

I think Susan will remember Journalism class--we had a lot of fun didn't we? Working on that yearbook was fun. It was by far the best year book the school had ever produced. So imagine my anger when I get a letter in boot camp from our teacher and am told that the yearbook company LOST our yearbook before it got to the printer and the new journalism class had to put together a new one? Their yearbook sucked. And we have no memories of the great one we put together. I remember I was the editor of the clubs and organizations section. I took real pride in that. I felt bad when it got lost.

I was telling DH today about our senior pics and how hot and humid it was that day. My hair drooped, it was so hot in that damn auditorium. I can't believe I remember that....

Al this makes me think of good times at that school. Looking back I can see there were definitely some really good times. I had lots of good times with my family too, mom took us to the movies, my gramps was still alive, we would go skating on Friday and Saturday nights, mom and dad would sometimes go out, I had after school projects like newspaper and yearbook, yeah it was fun wasn't it?

All this because I read Susan's comments. :)

When your body hurts

My chiro tells me today that I popped a rib, that's why my back and chest hurt. Sunday when I woke up I was fine, took a morning shower and when I got out the entire upper left side of my back felt like someone hit me hard. It hurt like hell to inhale. I alternated heat and ice and it helped. Today it just feels like it's having spasms.

God what is with this thirtysomething syndrome? I hate it. I have NEVER felt like this in my whole life. I get headaches and my neck, shoulders, back, and legs ache. I feel warm a lot, I get unusual spasms in my muscles. My muscles are tight all the time. My skin feels sensitive, one slight touch hurts, I get these weird pains in my legs and stomach like a little knife is being twisted in there. I get tired for no reason and want to cry over something as silly as an episode of the Golden Girls.

What in hell is going on? My life is average, why is this happening?

A few years ago I felt like this and I went through all kinds of tests. No lupus, no rheumatoid arthritis. They said I was mildly depressed. They wanted to put me on meds. I said NO. I want to handle this another way. Eventually I saw a psychologist last summer, she is awesome, recommended through a good friend of mine. Well we saw each other several times, it helped but then I couldn't go back, got too busy. Now I live farther away and just can't get a time where we can both meet. So I am back on my own again. I miss talking to her because she helped me put things in perspective. She used to tell me I can't control everything, you only get once chance to live, concentrate on yourself, etc. Yeah Jeannie was right, she really was. If only I could heed those words...

I told DH the other night....."I wish I could check myself into a mental hospital, you know one of those nice ones where you can roam free" LOL I just got fed up with the world and decided I needed to get away from everyone and everything in my life and sort it all out. Mind you, it's NOT the people in my life that are getting to me, it's my inability to deal with them. I worry about everyone and I feel this need to be in control of everything. Everything has to be just so and hunky dory for me to be happy.

I'm going to try the serenity prayer, you know accepting the things I cannot change, having the courage to change the things I can, etc etc. I wish I knew if this is all in my head or if there's something physically wrong with me. I am going for my annual bloodwork and doc appt tomorrow and maybe we can start there. But you know what folks? Chances are it's all in my head...again.

Don't worry, I'll be fine. Everyone goes through some sort of "shit" and this is mine. DH and I have a three-day weekend, I have a blogathon coming up (eek!) and then I go back to work next week for three days and then I have a four day weekend. Maybe somewhere in there I can find some time to regroup. Ya think?

Our founding fathers would be proud...

(photo courtesy of Sol at
You should check out his blog and read about his recent experience at the
"Justice for Palestine and Lebanon Protest" sponsored by the Muslim
American Society in Boston.

Alas, I'm sure cheering victory to terrorist groups was just the kind of free speech our founding fathers had in back to my reading of "The Essential Thomas Jefferson" to help me regain what is left of my sanity.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Save the Pendleton Eight...

Who are the infamous Pendleton Eight?

They are seven soldiers and one sailor who were on assignment in Iraq when in the course of doing their duty they were accused among other things, of kidnapping, conspiracy and murder and are currently being detained in solitary confinement at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California. The eight men are accused of kidnapping an Iraqi man, tieing him up, shooting him and throwing him in a hole on the side of the road, then covering it up by planting a shovel and AK-47 on him, and then lying to investigators and military officials.

Sgt. Lawrence G. Hutchins III
Cpl. Trent D. Thomas
Hospitalman 3rd Class Melson J. Bacos
Lance Cpl. Tyler A. Jackson
Lance Cpl. Robert B. Pennington
Pfc. John Jodka III
Lance Cpl. Jerry Shumate Jr.
Cpl. Marshall Magincalda

These men were accused by the alleged victim's family four days after the alleged incident. They were relieved of duty and are being held in pre-trial confinement. They were being held in shackles at the waist, legs and ankles but thanks to Michael Savage and pressure from families, friends and supporters, the shackles were removed. The prisoners are held in solitary confinement, and according to family and attorneys they are denied medical and dental care, and denied access to information that would help their case.

They can in fact be held in pre-trial confinement if the Commander deems is appropriate. According to the UCMJ, “When a person may be confined. No person may be ordered into pretrial confinement except for probable cause. Probable cause to order pretrial confinement exists when there is a reasonable belief that: (1) An offense triable by court-martial has been committed; (2) The person confined committed it; and (3) Confinement is required by the circumstances.”

My question is how can you confine someone if there is no viable evidence a crime was committed? And if there was enough evidence why weren't the men charged right away?

According to logs, PFC Jodka was interrogated three times while still in Iraq. One session lasted seven hours. There are no transcripts from any of those interviews. Investigators do not use written transcripts or audio/video when interviewing the accused and witnesses. The Government has denied Cpl. Jodka's defense request to visit the crime scene, denied the defense request for use of a forensic psychologist, and denied access to witnesses. Why? According to Lt. Gen. John Sattler, Commander, USMC Central Command, the requests are premature because no charges have yet been filed.

The defense is being told the autopsy is not completed however the alleged victim's body has already been flown back to Iraq for re-burial. NCIS interviewed members of the alleged victim's family yet the defense has not been able to do so and the witnesses will not be present at the Article 32 hearings. Lt. Col. Sean Gibson informed the press "there is no mechanism in place to assure the witnesses will appear at trial."

The ONLY accusors are the family members who will not even be questioned by the defense or present at the hearings.

The military attorneys are too busy with other caseloads to assist the civilian attorneys in this matter. Jane Siegel, a former Marine Colonel is one of the defense attorneys in this case and even she has come out against this injustice.

Add to all that, the investigation is being tainted by a member of Congress and anonymous investigators and Pentagon officials asserting guilt before the investigation is complete:

``What's clear is that they killed a guy and knew they were going to do it when they started out on this effort," said the official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is incomplete.
"There was no firefight. There was no IED (improvised explosive device)that killed those innocent people," Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said during a news conference on Iraq. "Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them. And they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. That is what the report is going to tell."
A senior Pentagon official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly, has said a shovel was also planted on the body to make it appear the man was trying to plant an explosive device. (

What does Murtha know? Who is his source? Why are "officials" involved in the investigation and at the Pentagon allowed to comment on an investigation that is not yet completed? Why has the President not come out and defended these soldiers by stating they are innocent until proven guilty? How can he turn his back on them and at the same time decide that suspected terrorists held at Gitmo are entitled to protection under the Geneva convention? Why are our soldiers being held as if they were prisoners already convicted and awaiting execution?

In the eyes of the media, they are.

To appease the Iraqis and terrorists waiting for a good excuse to nail us, the Pentagon held a special press conference to announce the charges. And when that happened, most of us shook our heads and figured "so much for justice".

Without going into detail because it would take forever, the you can read the inconsistent and shaky accounts of the alleged incident at The Riehl World View: Press Accounts Of Second Alleged Atrocity Don't Add Up

Also you can check out this timeline at the website of Casas Law Group who is one of the many attorneys representing these men.

If the Pendleton Eight are found guilty they will be executed. They deserve the right to be heard, the right to equal access to evidence, the right to face their accusors, the right to justice. These men are sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers. There are real people behind the faces and names. Their lives are on the line. And while our President and our Congress fight for rights for the suspected terrorists held in Gitmo, and while Saddam Hussein enjoys over 2,000 feet of living space not to mention his own garden, our own soldiers, American citizens, who put their lives on the line for freedom not just for Americans but for Iraqis, are being denied equal access to justice.


The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution states:

"In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence."

Truth and justice cannot prevail if these men are not able to properly defend themselves.

Now this little blurb is unrelated but did you know:

In April 2006, Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli ordered subordinate commanders in Iraq to investigate ALL incidents in which US soldiers might be responsible for seriously injuring or killing Iraqis or causing more than $10,000 in property damage.

I believe in accountability, but how in hell can you fight a war if, after every engagement, you must stop and investigate whether or not the engagement was warranted.

Can you imagine if the great WWII leaders Admiral Chester Nimitz, Generals Omar Bradley, Dwight Eisenhower, George Marshall, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, Bernard Law Montgomery (UK), Charles DeGaulle (Fr), and Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov (USSR) had conducted war in this manner?

Can you imagine how many more soldiers would have died?

Can you imagine what course the war would have taken?


The military continues to meet or exceed its recruitment quotas month after month, which means an awful lot of brave men and women believe in the cause for freedom. But how long till they finally get disgusted and quit enlisting and re-enlisting because the need for appeasing politicians, terrorists, other countries, and the UN outweighs the need to successfully accomplish their mission?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dear Susan in New Jersey...

Well Susan in NJ has once again graced my blog with her comments...

"Well, the one thing you were right about was that I am pissed off about the situation in Lebanon and the way President Bush is handling it. But I was not taking it out on you for no reason. I read you blog and although articulate, it was ignorant and it lacked human compassion which is the same for all Israeli's. You all think because Hitler almost wipped your entire race out that you can use it as a crutch for the rest of your life.

So what the "Jews" have been persecuted since the beginning of time. So has everyone else. Do you hear Africa sending bombs over to America because we "persecuted" them. Every nationality and religion had it's fair share of persecution so to all of the Jews out there Get over it already. We taxpayer's have been paying billions of dollars a year to Israel, and America gave you the country you claimed from the Palestenians. So enough already with the Jews have been persecuted. And now you say in the beginning paragraph of your blog that Americans in Lebanon are bitching about the slow progress and that we should be thanking them instead.

Well, yes the military personnel and civilians that are there do deserve a thank you and they were duly thanked by everyone they helped. My comment wasn't directed towards them, my comment was aimed at the State Department who waited 7 days to evacuate it's citizens. And though the military is not responsible for the botched up job they are doing they are only following orders as they are supposed to, It doesn't change the fact that America was the last country to evacuate civillians.

Then the other issue is the people who are trapped in Southern Lebanon ie., the Haidar family, among many hundreds of thousands of others, where was America for them. In your comment to me you said that the Haidar family should be greatful that our government even got them out but if you read the article you criticized so eloquently, you would see that they did it themselves. And if you read other articles you would also see that there were 11 people in their car and 8 of them were children under the age of 12. There were also 4 other cars who made that 9 hour treck thru bombed roads, destroyed bridges, dead bodies and even 1/2 alive bodies being eaten by stray cats and dogs because no humanitarian aid was sent to that section of Lebanon.

Now to address the thanks for a free boat ride, Okay are you for real? No other country charged their citizens for evacuating them. And not to pick on the "Jews" again but I can't help but to think that only a "Jew" would charge to save people's lives.

Also, the US Government didn't provide the meals and the shelter, Cyprus did. So again, our Gov't doesn't get a thanks. Now onto the issue of you saying I am not truly in the military and if I am then I don't belong there. I am an E5 in the Army. My ets was 2002 and your right, under the circumstances I don't belong there because I don't believe in killing innocent people and that is exactly what is happening under the rule of President Bush.

Oh yeah, I am a conservative for your information, but I would rather be a democrat than support the slaughtering of women and children in the name of "war". If the shoe was on the other foot and it was Israel being massacred I would feel the same way. I don't believe that just because it is a war, that makes it ok to kill at will. We have international laws on War what is acceptable as a means of winning that war. If you follow the news, you will see that charges will be brought up on Israel as well as Hezbolla for the needless loss of life. America had the authority to stop it way before it got that far, but instead President Bush send over weapons.

This is the part that pisses me off. You have the audacity to blame Americans for vacationing in Lebanon. The country has been peaceful for 5 years. How does that qualify as a war zone? I can understand you saying that if they decided to go vacation in Afghanistan but come on already what about the people vacationing in Israel are they stupid for going there or is that not a "war zone". Well, I am getting tired of explaining common decency to you because obviously you cannot comprehend something that is not within you, so I will leave you with this, when I called you a dumb bitch it was meant to reference anyone who is willing to go and kill mercilessly for a cause that is unAmerican.

It is not American to defend a mutinous war or supply weapons to a country who has obviously already destroyed its opposition and then some. It is not American to leave your own behind as the Government is doing in Lebanon. We as a country have the capability to end the war but our President is in violation of humanity by just standing by as people get killed. I guess that his interests aren't in Lebanon so Israel is in luck this time. But believe me, Israel would not have been so lucky if they started destroying a country that President Bush deemed profitable to him."

Well, I was going to offer my own well-thought out intellectual reply until I read this:

"And not to pick on the "Jews" again but I can't help but to think that only a "Jew" would charge to save people's lives"

Susan in NJ, you are ignorant , bigoted and anti-semitic. You are also a hypocrite considering that in your first comments to me you made such a FUSS that the meaning of being American is how we treat people, and now you spew this crap.
Quit wasting my valuable blog space and move on.

What's wrong in the world today?

I'll tell you what's wrong.

When a former NOBEL peace laureate tells young children she would love to kill George Bush and those children cheer and applaud her.

Betty Williams, an Irish citizen who won the peace prize thirty years ago talks of the women and children who lie in hospitals in Iraq injured from the bombs and bullets of American soldiers but she never once speaks of the women and children injured and killed by Saddam, his army, or terrorists around the world.

From the story I linked to above:

"We went to a hospital where there were 200 children; they were beautiful, all of them, but they had cancers that the doctors couldn't even recognise. From the first Gulf War, the mothers' wombs were infected.

"As I was leaving the hospital, I said to the doctor, 'How many of these babies do you think are going to live?"

"He looked me straight in the eye and said, 'None, not one'. They needed five different kinds of medication to treat the cancers that the children had, and the embargoes laid on by the United States and the United Nations only allowed them three."

Where is her outrage over Saddam murdering thousand of innocent Kurdish women and children? Where was her outrage when Saddam's army and his own sons raped thousands of Iraqi women?

Delegates to this Earth Dialogues Forum she attended said the following:

"There can be no sustainable peace while the majority of the world's population lives in poverty"

"There can be no sustainable peace if we fail to rise to the global challenge presented by climate change.

"There can be no sustainable peace while military spending takes precedence over human development."

Well we really can't tackle the challenges of poverty, climate change and human development when terrorists threaten the free world now can we? It is impossible to tackle these issues in societies which are not free and democratic.

While I think President Bush has made some errors in judgment and while I think he's been somewhat misguided by people with hidden agendas, he is not to blame for the mass atrocities of rape, genocide, poverty, hunger and inhumanity going on throughout the world. We can blame that on oppressive foreign governments, the terrorists who thrive within their nations, and finally the UN for turning a blind eye to it unless it hurts them in their pocketbook. Even then they are slow to act.

This anti-US sentiment that portrays us as the "big bad meanie" is a smokescreen. It's so easy to blame the United States for the atrocities around the world. It's interesting though considering we are the most free nation in the world, a nation which protects even the rights of those accused of the most heinous crimes, a nation who is first to defend and protect those who cannot defend and protect themselves. We are a nation whose people give an awful lot to third-world countries in the aftermath of disasters. And still we're the bad guy.

For more than 200 years, our system of representative democracy has worked quite well. That and our Constitution have been models for the rest of the world. Because our system works, other countries look to us for help. We naturally assumed the role of peacekeeper, protector, defender. We're like the popular guy in the school who protects the little kids from the mean nasty bullies.

Unfortunately these days whenever we try to live up to that role, we're chastised.

The anti-US crowd wants peace but they don't understand that there can be no peace if all sides do not want it. If all sides do not want it, sometimes you have to fight them for it. We have a choice--either we continue to let oppressive nations and terrorists ruin the lives of innocent people and we turn a blind eye or we do something about it, which many times means going in and destroying the oppressor. Either way innocent people will die. But just because they will die doesn't mean we should do nothing. If the colonists in America had thought like these anti-US activists, there would have been NO Revolution, NO Freedom and more importantly, NO AMERICA!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Just suppose...

Let's say you live in America and on the other side of the border, in Mexico is a radical terrorist faction hell bent on murdering Americans, taking back the entire Southwest, and bringing an end to freedom and democracy in North America. They believe our way of life is immoral and as such it is their responsibility to eliminate us. The Mexican government knows they exist but the terrorists are so powerful the Mexican government can do nothing to eliminate this terrorist faction. In fact, the terrorist faction has put most of the Mexican goverment in power, so to go against them would mean to lose office.

Let's say that they say they will leave us alone if we give them some land that they say they have a right to, like Texas. The world is pressuring the big bad mean US (to the point of sanctions) to cease defending itself and killing those poor innocent Mexicans and just move Americans out of their homes in cities in southern Texas and we do it, we force thousands of people to leave the homes they have known their entire lives, so we can give that area to Mexico and this terrorist group. But it doesn't stop them because a few years later they're back and their using car bombs and killing Americans again. Eventually they sneak over the border and kidnap a few of our National Guardsmen working the border. They say that if we release their radical terrorist buddies they will let our Guardsmen go.

The American government and the people get sick and damn tired of having this terrorist group making demands for land, attacking innocent Americans, and now kidnapping our soldiers from OUR side of the border.

What does America do? Does America concede and give them more land? Appease them by turning over the terrorists? Or go into northern Mexico and start kicking some ass.

If this happened in America you would want your government to protect you and your family by going in and killing the terrorists and regaining our sovereignty. You would want them to do this regardless of the numbers of innocent Mexicans who would be killed.

So then why is it Israel cannot protect its sovereignty, its people, its way of LIFE? Muslim terrorism has been going on in the world for over a thousand years. Israel is not a terrorist nation. When is the last time you ever saw a video on the internet of the IDF beheading someone? When is the last time you heard of Israelis blowing themselves up in marketplaces? When is the last time you heard Israelis threatening annihiliation to the rest of the world?

That's right, you don't.

YES I feel for the innocent people who always get caught in the middle of these terrible battles, it's so sad. But to those of you angry over the 700,000 displaced Lebanese and those women and children who have been injured and killed...


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Obsessed over my education

Why do I worry over and over again that I am not doing well enough in my courses to earn high grades? Every time I worry it pushes me to the brink of madness, makes me stay up late at night reading, studying for exams and editing, re-editing and re-editing the re-edited versions of my research papers until they are damn near perfect.

I am a great student. I do my work, I read, I ask questions, I pay attention, my papers are quality.

Why then do I still obsess over it?

My third exam of the semester and my term paper were both due this weekend, I took Thursday and Friday off to panic a little over it LOL. I got up at 4:30 a.m. with DH, got our breakfast ready, showered and cleaned up the house a bit, because I like to work with everything serene and clean. Then I made a pot of coffee, grabbed a pop tart, setup the latop on the dining room table, turned on Lifetime Television and I was ready to go. And I got a lot of work done. I finalized my paper, cited all my sources, studied for my exam and by Friday afternoon it was all done. I submitted my exam Friday and I was amazed---it takes this professor forever to grade these things so it surprised me when it was graded by this afternoon! And wouldn't you know it----out of a total 15 points, I scored 14.25.

I had an "A" before that exam, now I just went up a few more points.

We have one more assignment, one more quiz and one more exam to be turned in but that paper of mine is done, I submitted it via WebCT last night! I believe this paper is worthy enough to earn at least 13 of the 15 total points. I mean I had a dozen sources cited, and while those "kids" in the class kept asking her in the discussion forum, how many words we were required to write (it was 1500 and most of them were probably hoping she'd be easy on them), I was writing without even counting. I wrote more than 3,000 words. It wasn't overkill, it was just right.

Thank God it's done, the rest of this class will be a breeze!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

ABC news interviews terrorist?

Ok am I the only one who heard this? Two mornings ago I was listening to radio news when I heard an exerpt of an ABC newsperson interviewing a Hezbollah terrorist and reporting that the Hezbollah were showing him damage done to them by Israeli rockets and missiles.

Holy Cow, how low do these people have to go to get a story?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mandated multi-language ballots

in Voting Rights Act is a sham!

There's a nasty little provision called Section 7 in the Voting Rights Act which mandates ballots in multi-languages.

"If we want to demolish modern-day obstacles and bring all backgrounds into our voting process to communicate with each other, we must unify the country instead of driving a wedge between cultures," said Republican Steve King, one of the representatives most hostile to immigration. "Should we deny citizens the ability to understand the ballot?" asked Senator James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) don't unify a country by offering ballots and other government services in multi-languages. The way to unify a country is to encourage all of its citizens to speak one common language.

Gee, what a concept. I figured that one out and I'm not even a politician!

While we're at it...

While the Americans in Lebanon bitch about the slow progress in getting them out of there, maybe they should be THANKING the civilian and military personnel who are putting their lives on the line and putting themselves in the line of fire to get them out.

Exerpt from a story from "The Record" on It's about a dad and his kids from North Jersey who are stuck in Lebanon. Originally the mother thought they would be coming home but...

"First the news was good, then it was potentially devastating for at least some of the 5,000 Americans like Dalal Haidar's two asthmatic children hiding fearfully in war-ravaged southern Lebanon.

Tuesday afternoon the State Department said it would begin busing American citizens from southern Lebanon to Beirut for ships bound for Cyprus.

But that night, the Haidar family had been called by a State Department official and told that their children, stranded some 90 minutes from Beirut, would have to find their own way to the capital city. If they could make it there, the children and their dad would secure a spot with 1,000 other American evacuees on a ship leaving Beirut today.

It was another sign of the chaos that had enveloped everyone in southern Lebanon and beyond since fighting broke out between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas last week.

And it was enough to make a mother faint, and the Wayne woman did at one point Tuesday afternoon at her sister's home in Clifton as she discussed her distress.

"This is one of the greatest nations in the world," Haidar, 40, said. "How can they not pick up the children? How can they just leave them there to die?"

It's a WAR ZONE lady! And someone has to put his or her life on the line so your husband and kids can get out of there. Plans have to be well-laid, it's not like you can land a plane in the middle of a field and say "ok come on". It's not like you can park a bus in the middle of Beirut and let everyone on. It's dangerous, there are missiles and rockets being fired back and forth, there are terrorists with car bombs.

You know isn't it enough that Americans in their own country demand their government to take care of their every need but it's obscene that Americans in a foreign country are doing the same damn thing.

I'm sorry but when you travel to a foreign country there is no guarantee of protection. You essentially travel at your own risk. But many Americans are conditioned to believe that even if they know they do something at their own risk, that any consequences are their fault, it doesn't matter--they can rely on their government to make things right for them.

Fox News interviewed a lady this morning named Sandy Choucair whose husband just arrived in Baltimore from Lebanon. She was whining and bitching (surprise) saying that her husband and others had to live on the street for seven days. She was bitching that he didn't get any help from anywhere and that the US government was too slow in reacting. She said her husband had no idea this war was going to happen. She said nobody knew.


Any person with half a brain knows that's a hotbed for terrorism.

Fox News also honed in a speech by an evacuee at the airport and he had to leave a wedding once the shelling began. Then he talked about waiting for a statement from George Bush condemning the Israeli attack. And of course he went on and on about how Israel's not defending itself and that this was a definitely an offensive....blah blah blah, now everyone's a foreign policy expert.

I have yet to hear a "thank you" for the free boat ride, the free housing and meals, the free plane ticket home. I have yet to hear a "thank you" to the men and women, both military and civilian, who are American and of other nations who have helped in getting these Americans out of there. It didn't happen on its own, many people had a hand in it.

What I wonder now is how long till the first multi-billion dollar Congressional investigation? How long till the first lawsuit is filed?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Such annoying shit...

If you are a professor teaching a class, you demand certain things of your students, right? Well don't students have expectations of the professors? Like oh uh--timely grading of assignments and exams, uploading notes and other things to WEB CT like you said you'd do in your syllabus?

This is so friggin annoying. Yeah she's got several people in this course but that's not MY fault. I've got a paper due this weekend as well as an exam in her class and she still has NOT posted the review guide as she does with every exam. And it takes weeks for her to give you a grade on an assignment.

Let's see it's going to be THURSDAY real soon, I'm sure I'll have better luck finding the exam up my cat's ass than on the course site where it's supposed to be.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You get what you pay for

I don't mind shopping at Dollar General. At least I didn't till today. It's been a good place to get some things cheap that we use around the house. Today we needed body wash and kitty litter. Thank goodness we had the checkbook with us today because the sign on the door clearly stated that due to problems in the home office they were unable to process credit, debit or EBT cards.

We go in and get our stuff and get in line. There are two checkout counters and only one clerk and the line is really backing up. The door to the manager's office is cracked open but it takes him a few minutes to come out if he ever does. It's a young guy I've seen managing the place before. As usual he doesn't look too excited. He opens up the other register and takes care of us, the total came to $19.31. While writing the check DH asks me to write it for $10 over for a total of $29.31. Usually you can get a few bucks cash back but not more than $10. We hand the check to the guy and it takes a few minutes to process (if it ever did). He starts bitching about how the system is screwed up and I said "but you can take checks right?" and he says "well no but I'm doing it anyway".

When it's time to go he thanks us and sends us on our way. DH says "woah what about our change?" and the guy insisted we had none, DH said "we wrote a check for $10 over" and we show him our receipt which says $19.31, apparently the manager hadn't even LOOKED at our check, he had just manually keyed in the amount according to the RECEIPT!

So in realizing his mistake and after verifying it by looking at the check in the drawer, he then he turns to us and says "you wrote it for $20 over right?" and DH was like "no, ten over" and then the manager looks at us and in a really rude manner he says "you can't do that" and I said "maybe if you would have looked at the check when we gave it to you, we wouldn't be in this situation" and we walked out. But not before Dh made it clear we wouldn't be back.

What kind of friggin moron doesn't look at the amount on a check? What a dipshit. And instead of admitting he screwed up, his last words to us were rude and insulting.

And so like DishNetwork, McDonald's, Steak and Shake, Cox Cable, Sprint PCS, BellSouth, ATT, Alltel, Winn Dixie, Wal Mart and a dozen other companies, Dollar General has joined the growing list of companies which offer a really shitty version of customer service.

Be a cold day in hell before I go into another Dollar General. It's just $2.00 customer service at its best.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Problems with the school system?

It's no wonder so many teens and young adults can't do simple math these days. Have you ever run across a person at a checkout counter who couldn't figure out how to count change correctly? I'm sure you have.

Get this......Magee Elementary School in Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin has released its school supply list for fall. You won't believe what's on it--CALCULATORS! You can find it by clicking here: Magee Elementary School Supply List

Students in Kindergarten through fourth grade are required to have simple Texas Instrument Calculators. Fifth graders are required to have a Texas Instrument Scientific Calculator.

When I was in school, students were not allowed to use calculators till they enrolled in Algebra or Trig classes.

What on earth is going on here?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Big brother knows best

60 Minutes had program tonight about a company president who mandated that his employees quit smoking or be fired. His reason? Health care costs related to their smoking may eventually make his costs increase. Doesn't matter if they don't smoke at work and only smoke at home on personal time. Doesn't matter that he can't show any increase in his company's health costs due to smoking. He wants them to quit period. He would also like to mandate the spouses of these employees cease smoking as well but he'd have a harder time implementing that one. Several employees quit smoking, several refused to give in to the required breathalizer test and were fired. When asked if he's being a little like "Big Brother" he said "maybe we need Big Brother". That's when I nearly threw up from disgust.

Now I don't smoke, never have, never will, but I gotta say WTF?

Don't get me wrong, I believe as a private businessman he can do what he wants, but I think playing big brother to your employees and forcing them to abide by your rules on their off time doesn't sit well with me. Now this guy works out seven days a week, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, he seems pretty fit. But I am sure he does engage in SOME sort of risky behavior. Driving, lifting weights, running, in your seventies can be dangerous.

Life is risky, period. And if you are going to fire an employee for smoking, you might as well fire them for rollerblading, swimming, driving, mountain climbing, working out too hard, lifting too many weights, eating anything with fat or sugar, taking medication, cutting grass in hot weather, or oh hell, just about anything.

Of course you could play it safe and do nothing but even doing nothing can give you a heart attack so that's not even safe.

60 Minutes also interviewed the president of some southern university, who offered its employees the chance to fill out a questionnaire about their smoking, drinking and sexual habits (I know can you believe the gall of these people?) and join a wellness program. If they did both, they would receive a 20% discount on health insurance premiums. Agreeing to it would also open them up to a "coach" calling them once a month to nag them about their dietary and exercise habits and their weight.

Can you imagine?

I am for eating right, exercising, not smoking and taking care of yourself! But how I do it is my business and I feel that my life off the clock is my own. Besides, since when does your employer know what's best for your life MORE than you do?

They don't.

I say let adults live their lives as best as they see fit even if they're doing something that could potentially shorten their lifespan. You can't make people do something they don't want to do. And as long as a person's actions do not interfere with the freedom and civil liberties of another human being, I say let them alone to do what they want.

Besides, if God had wanted someone other than me and you to run our lives he would have not given us free will.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel has a right to defend itself...

I wish I could say this was a war in some Hollywood movie but it's not. It's real.

Israel has a right to take action but with their continued targeting of civilian structures, how long till they lose what little support they have left around the world? Many people understand Israel's frustration, it's damn time they push back.

Why can't these Arab countries in the Middle East just get along and leave Israel alone? Do you realize how much safer the world would be if they did? All my life it's been the Middle East this and Middle East that. It gets the point sometimes where I wish we could drop a nuke on Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq and be done with it. But I know we can't do that. It isn't the civilians, it's the terrorists, always the damn terrorists.

If you lived in Lebanon wouldn't you be angry if some other country started bombing your cities because of radical terrorists in your country? Yeah I know I would be angry and so I can understand how angry many Lebanese people are right now, I can't say I blame them. But damn this was coming because you know the Lebanese government is too afraid of Hezbollah to attempt to disarm them which is why they run wild with total autonomy in the southern part of Lebanon. Maybe if the people had demanded their government root out the terrorists and kill them, this wouldn't be happening. But this doesn't mean I blame the civilians for the actions of the terrorists. I do not.

Has Israel been duped into a war not by Hezbollah but by Iran using Hezbollah as a front? Iran wants to strike Israel in a real bad way. That crazy psycho nut-job leader is just the kind of guy to attack Israel and not give a damn what the world thinks. Hey we have CIA operatives, we have soldiers who participate in "black ops" why not assassinate this guy? Take care of the problem right now? What? All the sudden our CIA doesn't go around assassinating people? Please!!!

In America we have our own share of problems, but one thing is sure, we can wake up each day and not have to worry about our homes, schools, and businesses being fired upon by missiles and rockets. Not many countries in the world can enjoy that kind of feeling of security. We are very fortunate. I am so happy to be living in America. But I feel for the Israelis and for the innocent civilians in these Middle Eastern countries who have become pawns and victims of these psycho radical terrorists.

I say more power to Israel in kicking Hezbollah's dirty rotten terrorist ass.