Saturday, July 29, 2006

#1: Gift of gab?

Oh my goodness what did I get myself into? Here I am feeling crappy lately and I pledged to stay awake 24 hours for charity? Ok I will do it. As we open this blog-at-thon I am listening to Sinatra, and it is relaxing, and it makes me think of mom who is the one who got me hooked on him in the first place. Thanks mom.

Speaking of mom, who I affectionately nicknamed "Sma" (that's an inside joke to mom, dad, Kim, and Deb!) who has great taste in music, it reminds me of a time when back in the 80's when we were early teens, she used to do a lot of writing. See mom always wanted to be a writer, she has this creative mind that can come up with things the rest of us could only imagine. She wrote stories with such imagination like the one about ole' Wally the cemetery caretaker and one about birds which had fed on a toxic dump and turned into giant pterodactyl type birds preying upon humans. Her stories were awesome and really good. And she'd write anecodotal type stuff like our typical family barbecues, stuff that happened in our lives, really funny reader's digest type things the average person can relate to. Mom kept copies of her stories and articles. She had submitted many stories to many magazines, trying to get published. Ultimately the bigger magazines didn't take her stuff but it didn't mean she wasn't good, lots of folks loved her work. She did finally write a column in the local paper which was in a word--AWESOME! She was funny, serious, thought-provoking, and always well-written. Many locals liked her column and many didn't. I mean here she was a New Yawk Jew moved to Miami moved to small town northern Florida. And let's just say some people thought we had no business here. Her column was refreshing but when she backed the sheriff for re-election oh HOLY HELL broke loose. You'd think she committed murder or something? The way it went you were either with mom or against her, there was no "well she's ok". The sheriff was a good guy getting railroaded, mom did the right thing backing him. She has always been a woman of conscience and her conscience told her to back him. So she and dad did some campaigning for him. All these years later I can't remember if he won or lost but I do know that mom did make a difference.

And if I recall someone even wrote a letter to the editor one time attacking her. Considering all the bad english and misspellings we didn't put much into it. I have to say though I am sure it bothered her, I mean this person was really mean. But she kept on writing until finally she didn't have time anymore, or just lost interest, I don't remember which came first. But I know she made an impact and even if she hadn't, the most important thing was she was living her dream and writing to entertain others and herself and I will say that during those days my mom was at her best. She felt great because she was doing something that really made her happy. We kids didn't realize it then, how important it was that she do something fulfilling that was separate from being wife and mom and daughter.

Now I totally understand.

I guess what I am leading to here is that I get my "gift of gab" from her. I couldn't write as well as I do without her influence. She never really taught me how, it's just something that's inside me from the time I was born. I began reading when I was three years old, I have always been an excellent speller (you'll hear about that later on!), and I have an ability to comprehend large words and pronounce foreign words and names on first glance---words that I have never seen before. My high school compositions were above average and as news editor of the high school newspaper, my articles were more mature and beyond the writing of a teenager.

I recall that in our senior year, some group of our classmates got together and voted on what everyone would be doing in the future. It was all meant to be in jest of course. I was voted most likely to take over Rona Barrett's gossip column.

The funny thing is that I never gossipped. So I could never figure that out. I was more a loner, I was friendly with people but really had no close friends. All I wanted to do was survive high school and write in the meantime.

You know some people are talented at sports, others in math or science, others are great orators, but me---when I put it to good use, I just have a gift for the written word. Mom and I have a special relationship with words, and people have told us we should pursue some kind of career using them but sometimes life gets in the way. Mom thinks her "time" has passed, I don't think so. But she always encourages me to write a book about the misadventures of my life...

Someday sma, someday...

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