Saturday, July 29, 2006

#12: Check the license

When I was in the military I didn't have a car and for the most part never really needed one. But one day my friend Tony, who had an MG and a blue Monte Carlo, let me borrow his car. He usually did if I needed it. Anyway, one day I had to run to Eckerd's to get some toiletries, it was only a few miles away. On my way out of the Eckerd's some guy hit me and I hit a pole. He got out and begged me not to say anything because he'd get into trouble. Well HELLO? He hit me. Actually I pulled out from Eckerd's to take a left and a car had been to my right and I had a blind spot so I pulled out anyway. Like a friggin dufus!

I had this guy follow me back to the station and we called the State Troopers. Not only did I get out of getting a ticket for reckless driving (pulling out without having a clear vision) but I also avoided a ticket when the Trooper checked my license and found out it was "restricted". Now restricted back in the 80's meant it was the permit before the permit, like a learner's permit--where you can't drive unless you have someone over 18 and you can't drive after the sun goes down. I got it when I was 16 and somehow wound up never getting the real thing although I knew how to drive. The trooper said to me "you better get your license, all I am giving you is a warning!" and so I came back home and got my regular license.

I was lucky because out of boot camp my first unit was Hawaii and you can't go overseas if you don't have a license. Somebody goofed when checking my license, they never realized it was a restricted. And so off to Hawaii I went. As a matter of fact, I used to drive the duty van several times a week and often drove government vehicles.

I learned a valuable lesson after that, I NEVER EVER pull out onto the main drag unless I have a clear line of sight. I am sure Tony was wishing I'd learned that BEFORE getting into his car!


  1. Anonymous7/29/2006

    You should hear what happened to Robert in Greece. He leased a jeep for a friend who did not have a license. That night, said friend, went to the ville, got drunk, stirred up a fight, drug a cop (who was stupid enough to hang on to the jeep) down the street, then ran from the Greek Police before he was caught, had the crap beat out of him, and arrested. Don't even ask how Robert escaped that without any paperwork! ALWAYS CHECK THE LICENSE!

  2. Umm damn, I'm wondering that one too!!!