Saturday, July 29, 2006

#15: My fascination with Old Time Radio...

Most folks my age probably don't know what Old Time Radio is and that's too bad, because it's a part of American culture they're missing out on.

It was a Sunday evening during the Summer, the year was around 1983. I had a walkman my parents had given me for either Christmas or my birthday. Back then they were really very plain but I cherished it so. I was outside that evening with my walkman on and I was channel surfing when I came upon a station and I heard what appeared to be an older show being broadcast. Immediately my mind went back to the "Darkroom" episode about the man whose son's Crystal Radio was suddenly picking up broadcasts from 1942. Somehow he got thrown back in time to Nazi Germany. In the end, he had saved his father's life but changed the course of history because now on his street corner in his small town in America, were Nazi soldiers. It was really creepy. And yet I always imagined that would happen to me, thrown back in time by some strange radio....

Anyway, I like to use my imagination like that. But really what i had picked up that Sunday night was the old time radio broadcasts on the local PBS radio station. And I have been listening to old time radio since. My favorite shows include a variety of comedy, western, thriller and drama including Our Miss Brooks, Suspense, Escape, Frontier Gentleman, Phil Harris and Alice Faye, Fibber McGee and Molly, Gunsmoke, The Whistler, Halls of Ivy, Screen Director's Playhouse, The Six Shooter, Dimension X and X minus One.

I really wish that young people could be exposed to these shows, they are an important part of our culture and not knowing anything about them means they're missing out on an important part of their heritage.

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  1. Anonymous7/29/2006

    I'm not real familar with old time radio shows, but I love old music. Especially big band music. I love Moonlight Seranade, In the Mood, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Coming in on a wing and a pray, Johnny Oh!...... I could go on forever. It is fabulous music.--ST