Saturday, July 29, 2006

#17: More getting beat up...

While I am strolling down memory lane I suppose it's only fitting to talk about the second time I got beat up.

I know doesn't this just sound f'd up? A girl talking about having been beat up by a boy in school?

Well at the same school the last episode happened at, there was this boy named Stephen Caudill, a blonde haired ruffian in my class. I don't remember why he wanted to beat me up but he did. And one day I knew he was after me and I crossed the street from the school (we lived right down the block from the school) and he got to me at the corner opposite the school and he pushed me down and my books and papers went everywhere. Luckily someone from the school had been looking out the window and came and helped me. I can't remember much of what happened to him but our vice-principal a former boxer with tattoos named Mr. Newcomb took me to his office to make sure I was ok. I kinda feel bad now that I used to sit on that street corner with my friend Debbie whose house was right there and we'd tell imaginary stories about Mr. Newcomb and all the terrible things he probably did in his life (we figured tattoos meant he was a bad guy!).

Also when I was in junior high school up in North Florida, there was this girl named Toni and we used to write notes back and forth. Well I wrote a note to her one day and said something like "my mother says I can't hang around you anymore. She says you are a bad influence and you are a whore" and she took it to meant I was calling her a whore. Now of course she knew I wasn't but she was a bitch and wanted to pick on me. She told me she would meet me behind the bandroom and sure enough she and her loser group --- Sheila, Hazel and company (yeah the "real" winners in our school LOL) were there and Toni hit me in the jaw! She didn't break or bruise it but I don't know why I let her do it. I was a friggin WEENIE! I never told anyone about that. Toni is dead now, died of cancer a few years back. I had no ill-will towards her, but I tell you what--she sure did hang around the wrong crowd back then.

I just have to say two things on this issue of beating people up...

1) Any guy who hits a girl is an asshole

2) Any girl who fights another girl in an asshole

I think that sums up my feelings nicely, ya think?

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  1. Anonymous7/29/2006

    I didn't know Toni died. By the way, your Mom was right.--ST