Saturday, July 29, 2006

#18: A correction, please...

In post #12 I mentioned I never had a car in the military. Ok that was an error on my part. I did have a car. In 1987 in Hawaii, I paid $2,000 for a Toyota Celica GT hatchback, maroon with louvers. MY FIRST CAR! I was so excited!!

Did I mention it was a five-speed?

And uh--I didn't know how to drive a five-speed?

Well I wanted a car so I bought this one from one of my coworkers named Punky. And some of the guys I knew offered to teach me how to handle a stick over on the North Forty which was a paved parking area near the North pier. It took forever and I just couldn't seem to drive that damn thing without lurching with every step. Now of course I let other people drive it to and from town with me in it, does that count?

I had to get insurance on it and never did, finally the XO told me I had to park it off base. Well I was gone temporarily and returned and every piece of that car had been stripped from the inside and out and it had been towed off. All that was left were citations for me to pay for it being parked illegally across from the base.

And that's the story of my first car. And now you can see why in post #12 I had no car.


  1. Anonymous7/29/2006

    Sad and pathetic. Do you remember my first car in high school? It was a yellow Datsun B210 and UUUUGLY! The sad thing is Jeanette had one just like it. Desperation will drive people to drive ugly cars!--ST

  2. Do I remember it? I have a picture of you and Jeanette and your cars parked nose to nose? I will try and post it!!!