Saturday, July 29, 2006

#2: May I borrow your daughter?

When I was five years old, my parents took my sister, brother and me to a restaurant in Miami called "Thurman's Two-Way Restaurant" . Well Thurman Napier was the owner and his wife Ethel was my kindergarten teacher. Yes, I still remember them both! Well we were eating in there and Mrs. Napier came over to our table and asked my parents if she could borrow me so I could read "Jack and the Beanstalk" to a table of friends of theirs. I went over with Mrs. Napier and read the book and all the people were so excited. Who was this 5 year old prodigy who could read beyond her years?

I never forgot that day or Mrs. Napier. She was such a lovely woman. Years later, when I was 17 and had just graduated high school and moved to Miami before I joined the military, I ran into her. Can you believe it? I was working at "Get Smart" an educational bookstore which sold educational books and supplies for teachers and lo and behold at the checkout I rang up a lady who I vaguely recognized and then she gave me her credit card and it said "Ethel Napier" and I just about had a fit.

I said "OH MY GOD MRS. NAPIER IT'S ME JESSICA C......!" and I think she about had a cow when she realized who I was. We talked a bit and then she left. I'll never forget that day running into her. I am so glad we had that chance because I believe she's gone now and I will never have that chance to give her a hug again. She was an inspiration to me. Amazing that a kindergarten teacher could have such an influence. I mean how well did you remember your kindergarten teacher?


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  2. Thanks Katie, I'll do that!!!

  3. Mrs. Ruloff would give kids extra credit if they brought in some specific women's magazine because there was something she collected from it. I don't remember what.

    She also had lots of plastic cowboys and indians that we played with. And one of those plastic birds that you put on the edge of a cup of water and it just keeps rocking back and forth like it's drinking.

    She taught us lots of patriotic songs (Sweet land of liver-tee).

    That's all I remember.