Saturday, July 29, 2006

#23: Knock down, drag out

My sister Kim is a year younger than me and we normally got along when we were kids but there were times she just pissed me off royally. We always shared a room and I wound up cleaning up her mess all the time or she would tell on me for something I did that she knew mom would get mad at. I cleaned the room and made her bed. She was the youngest and spoiled, though looking back she was a good kid. There was this one time, I don't even know what we were arguing about and we couldn't have been more than 12-13 years old. I had enough of her crap and started wailing on her. I pulled her hair so damn hard, she started screaming. I'm telling you besides DH, my sister was the only person who could ever make me that angry. I'm surprised she had hair left. It was like something just cracked in me and I went ballistic. That happened on several occasions and I always got in trouble. Yeah big big big sister picking on sweet innocent little sister.

Uh huh--looking back I bet mom and dad know better eh? Sis is cool now and we get along but I would not want to be the one to mess with her because she could kick my ass!

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  1. Anonymous7/29/2006

    My sister and I fought like cats and dogs. I blacked both her eyes one time because she hit me upside the head for not giving her the cat. We get along great now.--ST