Saturday, July 29, 2006

#26: Working for a witch...

I have personally worked for two real-life wicked witches of the west in my lifetime. The first one was named Lynn and she was my boss when I worked in the hotel business. She thought that being her administrative assistant meant I had to also pick up her kid and babysit the brat too. Actually the only reason he was a brat was because his parents were divorced and hated each other. She hated her ex because he was a model who cheated on her and he couldn't stand her because well--she was a bitch. Lyn spent most of her time smoking up a storm and drinking wine and bragging about how great a sales exec she was. Can I barf? Yeah some sales exec...they booted her sorry ass in time. I hated that woman. She was the first woman I ever worked for and even though she was older, had her college degree and made more money than me she was envious of me. I have no idea why. I suppose she envied my youthful exuberance and good looks? She was pretty, could have been moreso if she hadn't worn so much godawful red lipstick. That cigarette also didn't do much for her either. Anyway God knows where she is now but at least it's not in MY workplace.

The other well, let's just say if there ever was a bitch of bitches, a real Queen of the Damned, this woman was it. I won't say her name here but trust me on this one. This woman made the lives of every woman who worked for her (sans the kiss asses) a living nightmare. No less than a dozen people escaped her clutches and found other jobs. I don't often daydream of choking someone but there were times my imagination got the best of me. I'm so terrible aren't I?

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  1. Anonymous7/29/2006

    Logan confesses to disturbing daydreams about his first boss.

    Robert confesses to disturbing daydreams about some of the inmates.

    I confess to nothing!--ST