Saturday, July 29, 2006

#30: More anti-Israel crap...

"It's pretty apparent that the number, the scale of civilian casualties in this conflict raises very serious questions about breaches of the laws and customs of war in a way, not only that is a breach of international humanitarian law but that could engage international criminal law and could engage personal criminal responsibility, all the way up the chain of command."
.....Louise Arbour, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

She's suggesting the IDF be charged with war crimes....for targeting terrorists.

And then there's this

"I very much hope that the Americans understand what's happening to Lebanon. These have not been surgical strikes. And it's very, very difficult, I think, to understand the kind of military tactics that have been used.

You know, if they're chasing Hezbollah, you go for Hezbollah. You don't go for the entire Lebanese nation. And that's the difference."
....Kim Howells, British Minister of State.

And all I am thinking is uh-hello? Hezbollah is integrated with the Lebanese people, they make up part of the Lebanese government. You can't attack Hezbollah without causing damage to Lebanon.

These people make me wanna hurl!


  1. Anonymous7/29/2006

    Talk about making you want to hurl. I think it is going to give me your screw driver experience!!!

    I'm off to bed. Good luck with your blog. You are doing a fantastic job. I'll check back tommorrow after church to make sure you survived.--ST

  2. OK, the bottom line to all this is, let's go back to what started it all....they were fired upon first. What are they supposed to do, sit back and take it? The Israeli people have taken enough shit from everyone over the years, they have to defend themselves.

  3. And another thing, I wish the British would just shut up and mind their own business and STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S BACKYARDS!

  4. Ha ha you know ma the British aren't bad, I just wish their government hadn't been into the business of running so many countries so long ago!