Sunday, July 30, 2006

#31: My guilty pleasure--The Simple Life

Ok I will admit that I hate reality shows. I don't watch ANY of them. So what is it about "The Simple Life" that keeps me tuning in (when I remember it's on)? It's the fact that Nicole and Paris don't try to be anything more than what they are--rich spoiled brats. And something about them makes me like them. Maybe because I think they're smarter than they let on and maybe because they are actually having FUN doing the Simple Life. The show is so absurd it's hilarious. And watching Paris and Nicole trying to do some of the shit they do keeps me rolling. I remember one episode they had to work at a fast food restaurant. They kept screwing up so the manager told them to put on these suits dressed like the mascot and go outside and advertise on the highway. Well they were goofing off and because it was so hot, they walked over to a local grocery store to get cool but they fell down in an aisle and couldn't get up because of the suits. THe manager of the restaurant was so pissed and she had to go in the store and pick them off the floor. It really was funny.

Ok you can proceed to make fun of me now!

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