Saturday, July 29, 2006

#4: Of course when I was 16 I was an angel...

When I was 16, I was living at my grams house next door to mom and dad. That Christmas grams wanted to go to Miami to see my aunt and cousins. Mom and dad originally hesitated but eventually let me go. It was a BLAST!

We went down there for a week and had a blast. I got to hang out with all five of my cousins and just have a good time. Two of my cousins who were just a few years older than me, took me to this sports bar called "The Players Pub" and there we shot darts and played pool and they bought me beer. That's right, beer. I gotta tell you that being 16 and somewhat tipsy is really an interesting combination. I really did nothing but laugh the entire time (that's exactly what I do when I drink too much!) And what harm was it? I mean they were like brothers to me then, what harm is it to take your underage cousin out to a sports bar and get her drunk? I was in good hands, it was harmless fun and we had a great time. That was one of the fondest experiences of my life because I really got to spend quality time with them. They never call me Jessica or Jess, it's always "Jessie" and there's something I always liked about that.

Can you imagine us old folks going out and drinking NOW? We'd all be talking about which joints ache, we can't wait to retire and then we'd all go home at 9 pm and fall asleep!


  1. I hated being called jessie. It would send me into a smarmy rage. Seriously. I insisted they call me J.R. or at least Jessica.

  2. Anonymous7/29/2006

    Lauren loves the name Jessie. I also know a little girl named Jessica and we call her Jessie.

    Speak for yourself with that 9:00 bedtime. I'm good till at least midnight.--ST