Sunday, July 30, 2006

#42: Oh yeah...

I just remembered what Art's show was about tonight, about Global Warming and the earth being eventually uninhabitable. Did you know that the Amazon provides us with much of the oxygen we breathe with? And if it dries up and becomes a savannah or at worse a desert, our world will become nearly uninhabitable.

Amazing eh? Gives new meaning to "protect the rainforests"


  1. Uh H-E-L-L-O ??? Carl Sagan and a handful of remarkably intelligent scientists have been trying to get us to see this for years, but no one gave a shit because it wasn't affecting them at the time. NOW, look around at the melting glaciers, the steady rise in temperatures worldwide, killer storms, and, YES, our Ozone layer is being destroyed. Hmmm, just like they predicted in the 60-70's.
    Seems like the film, "Soylent Green" wasn't just a movie, it may have been a warning.

  2. Hi ma, while I think it's true that man has done some damage, you have to look at this in another perspective. The earth is anywhere between 3 and 4 billion years old and there have been several ice ages, indicating global warming. How long has man been industrialized? 150 years? I can't believe that man is 100% responsible.

    Look at it this way. In a calendar of 12 months, man came to be on the last second of the last minute of the last hour on December 31st.

    I just don't believe that man is totally responsible for it. We have only been able to keep records a short time and we haven't been industrialized long enough.