Sunday, July 30, 2006

#43: Cindy Sheehan

Geez, I must be tired, I almost said Cindy Crawford. Can you believe this insane woman had someone else buy five acres of property next to Bush's ranch in Crawford so she can hold protests? Yeah she had him buy it for her and then sell it to her cause she knew the person who owned it never would have sold it to her directly.

Frankly I think she's a friggin lunatic and I think what she's doing is the equivalent of stalking. I mean HELLO, she is planning to harass a sitting President. I know she mourns the loss of her son Casey Iwho volunteered in the army BTW) but IMO she is unstable and I fear she could attempt to harm the President if she got the chance. And because of her irrational behavior and instability, the Secret Service should prevent her from being anywhere near the President's ranch. THAT is not infringement upon free speech because Cindy Sheehan can have her free speech anywhere. She's a danger to him and his family. ANd if she doesn't shoot him she'll incite some other whack job to do it.

I dont' care what party you are or what you think about Bush, in America we do not advocate shooting our leaders.


  1. How about just using some duct tape on him, that would keep him from opening his mouth?

  2. She isn't that close. In fact, the locals are now saying they're kinda happy about it because they won't be campin on the disputed side of the road anymore. She's got a court date on that, where the county made it illegal to be on public right-of-ways in certain areas, namely near the Ranch.

    They can do their protesting on their own little patch of land now, which isn't even on the way to the Ranch. It's on another road. So she'll actually be farther away.

    And, while I'm on the subject, I disagree that she's so dangerous. Harass? That's debatable. Persistent? Yes. She's actually been quite passive as a demonstrator. She stakes her spot and puts up her displays, but she hasn't been someone to try to infiltrate perimeters, throw pies in people's faces, etc. She goes up to the boundary and sets up her protest. That's fairly American, isn't it?

    The real whackos to watch out for are the ones who never tell anyone what they're up to until it is too late. They're the ones with malicious intent.

    -- LD