Saturday, July 29, 2006

#7: Trying to make some dinero

My sister and I weren't really entrepreneurs when we were younger but since necessity is the mother of invention and we wanted money---not money for movies or bowling or skating because mom and dad always gave us that---we decided maybe we needed to get a job. We were seven, eight years old at the time and at that age one isn't really skilled at much. One day after brainstorming we got this idea to take grandma's weed clippers, a couple of pairs of gardening gloves and go house to house in our neighborhood asking our neighbors if they wanted any weeds trimmed or pulled. Some actually said yes, and so they put us to work. Man what in hell were we thinking? I'd like to say our first venture into capitalism and money-making was memorable but it wasn't. It sucked. Slaving away in the hot hot sun fro a mere 50 cents an hour, working for people who probably just hired us because they either thought "oh how cute" or that we were just amusing to watch, just sucked.

It wasn't long before we decided that so long as mom and dad gave us money for movies, bowling and skating, we were really better off just being good daughters without jobs.

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