Saturday, July 29, 2006

#8: Family Dinners...

There's nothing quite like a family dinner, when everyone gets together and sits down at the table and has a good time. Our family was no different. Our family dinners were always very disorganized and loud.

Let's see there's dad who is telling Buddy to lay down under the table, grams who is yelling at Buddy to get out from under the table, mom who is saying "ma, leave the dog alone will ya", me saying "oh will you guys quit yelling at Buddy?", Kim lauging and David sighing with an "oy vey!".

And then there are times when we're ready to serve dinner and grams is running around the kitchen when we need her to sit down because nobody else can sit down till she gets to her end of the table. It'll be me saying "graaaams can you please sit down so the rest of us can?" and dad saying "maaaaa, shut up and sit down will ya?", then mom in the kitchen going apeshit saying "ma, I can get this, would you PLEASE sit down?", Kim laughing and David sighing with an "oy vey!"

Oh and then there were the times my sister would tell jokes at the table. It would be all of us plus my aunt and uncle. I was considerate of them because they are Christian and don't really like off-color, off-gender jokes, and then of course I was considering myself too because Oh My God my sister had this tendency to tell jokes, not just jokes, but the ones that come from the "truly tasteless" series. And we'd be sitting at the table and she'd just blurt out this really perverted joke and I would be like "oh my God" and sink under the table red in the face. Later on she got better because at least she gave me advanced warning like "hey I have a joke for you guys" and then it gave me at least a few seconds to pretend I was choking on a bone to divert attention away from her. It wasn't long before I was figured out. I mean how many times can you choke on a bone in one dinner?

Anyway, my sister got better because now she really doesn't tell those jokes at the table. I think maybe it's partly because she knows they embarass me but partly because she knows that my grandmother will reach across the table and put duct tape over her mouth ROFL. Actually with my sister it would be black electrical tape, her favorite brand. The tape she used over the windows in her bedroom when she went through her "teenage phase".

There have been a lot of changes in our family and lives over the years but one thing remains the same and that is our family dinners are still sometimes loud, sometimes obnoxious, sometimes disorganized and grams never seems to get herself to the table first so everyone else can sit down.

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  1. The scary thing about all this is, you didn't have to make anything up!!