Monday, July 17, 2006

Problems with the school system?

It's no wonder so many teens and young adults can't do simple math these days. Have you ever run across a person at a checkout counter who couldn't figure out how to count change correctly? I'm sure you have.

Get this......Magee Elementary School in Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin has released its school supply list for fall. You won't believe what's on it--CALCULATORS! You can find it by clicking here: Magee Elementary School Supply List

Students in Kindergarten through fourth grade are required to have simple Texas Instrument Calculators. Fifth graders are required to have a Texas Instrument Scientific Calculator.

When I was in school, students were not allowed to use calculators till they enrolled in Algebra or Trig classes.

What on earth is going on here?


  1. Anonymous7/17/2006

    Homeschool is the best option ;)

  2. Anonymous7/17/2006

    Please forgive my smart alec comment before. It is no where near strong enough. I went back and clicked on the link to see for myself. What is up with this. Next thing you know they will have to bring their own toilet paper. Do you remember having to bring your own scissors, glue, crayons, markers, etc? All we had to bring was paper and pencils. And what's up with 2 reams of copy paper. I suppose if every child brings 2 reams the school district will not have to purchase copy paper all year long. The more money that gets thrown down the rat hole of public education, the more financially irresponsible they become.

    To steal a line from myself in your blog on "Of course big brother knows what's best for you..." When we start investing our money, we should have a say in how it is spent. What the crap are we paying for? Oh forgive me. I already know the answer to that. We are paying for liberal indoctrination.--ST

  3. Totally with you on the calculator thing. We were only allowed to use calculators in high school and that was for trigonometry and polar geometry. My 9-year-old is marveled at because he can calculate totals, sales tax and tips in his head. I think schools need to be reminded that calculators are tools, not crutches.

    BTW, if I accident post multiple times, I apologize. The blogger comment thing is acting up.

  4. I wasn't even allowed a calculator in College Algebra!!! I had to take my niece school supply shopping and was laughing at the list: Ziplock bags???, Rolls of toliet paper???, a bag of suckers??? What the hell is that? What happened to paper, pencils, folders ect? And I love that they have to have certain colors of the folders. We went to 3 different stores to get enough blue folders for her, everyone in the area is on the search for blue folders.

  5. Susan in NJ7/22/2006

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