Saturday, July 22, 2006

Obsessed over my education

Why do I worry over and over again that I am not doing well enough in my courses to earn high grades? Every time I worry it pushes me to the brink of madness, makes me stay up late at night reading, studying for exams and editing, re-editing and re-editing the re-edited versions of my research papers until they are damn near perfect.

I am a great student. I do my work, I read, I ask questions, I pay attention, my papers are quality.

Why then do I still obsess over it?

My third exam of the semester and my term paper were both due this weekend, I took Thursday and Friday off to panic a little over it LOL. I got up at 4:30 a.m. with DH, got our breakfast ready, showered and cleaned up the house a bit, because I like to work with everything serene and clean. Then I made a pot of coffee, grabbed a pop tart, setup the latop on the dining room table, turned on Lifetime Television and I was ready to go. And I got a lot of work done. I finalized my paper, cited all my sources, studied for my exam and by Friday afternoon it was all done. I submitted my exam Friday and I was amazed---it takes this professor forever to grade these things so it surprised me when it was graded by this afternoon! And wouldn't you know it----out of a total 15 points, I scored 14.25.

I had an "A" before that exam, now I just went up a few more points.

We have one more assignment, one more quiz and one more exam to be turned in but that paper of mine is done, I submitted it via WebCT last night! I believe this paper is worthy enough to earn at least 13 of the 15 total points. I mean I had a dozen sources cited, and while those "kids" in the class kept asking her in the discussion forum, how many words we were required to write (it was 1500 and most of them were probably hoping she'd be easy on them), I was writing without even counting. I wrote more than 3,000 words. It wasn't overkill, it was just right.

Thank God it's done, the rest of this class will be a breeze!!


  1. Girlfriend, just come and sit by me!

    BTW, I scored 92 on that stinking test! Now, do I drop or not? LOL

  2. Stick with it, you can do it.