Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dear Susan in New Jersey...

Well Susan in NJ has once again graced my blog with her comments...

"Well, the one thing you were right about was that I am pissed off about the situation in Lebanon and the way President Bush is handling it. But I was not taking it out on you for no reason. I read you blog and although articulate, it was ignorant and it lacked human compassion which is the same for all Israeli's. You all think because Hitler almost wipped your entire race out that you can use it as a crutch for the rest of your life.

So what the "Jews" have been persecuted since the beginning of time. So has everyone else. Do you hear Africa sending bombs over to America because we "persecuted" them. Every nationality and religion had it's fair share of persecution so to all of the Jews out there Get over it already. We taxpayer's have been paying billions of dollars a year to Israel, and America gave you the country you claimed from the Palestenians. So enough already with the Jews have been persecuted. And now you say in the beginning paragraph of your blog that Americans in Lebanon are bitching about the slow progress and that we should be thanking them instead.

Well, yes the military personnel and civilians that are there do deserve a thank you and they were duly thanked by everyone they helped. My comment wasn't directed towards them, my comment was aimed at the State Department who waited 7 days to evacuate it's citizens. And though the military is not responsible for the botched up job they are doing they are only following orders as they are supposed to, It doesn't change the fact that America was the last country to evacuate civillians.

Then the other issue is the people who are trapped in Southern Lebanon ie., the Haidar family, among many hundreds of thousands of others, where was America for them. In your comment to me you said that the Haidar family should be greatful that our government even got them out but if you read the article you criticized so eloquently, you would see that they did it themselves. And if you read other articles you would also see that there were 11 people in their car and 8 of them were children under the age of 12. There were also 4 other cars who made that 9 hour treck thru bombed roads, destroyed bridges, dead bodies and even 1/2 alive bodies being eaten by stray cats and dogs because no humanitarian aid was sent to that section of Lebanon.

Now to address the thanks for a free boat ride, Okay are you for real? No other country charged their citizens for evacuating them. And not to pick on the "Jews" again but I can't help but to think that only a "Jew" would charge to save people's lives.

Also, the US Government didn't provide the meals and the shelter, Cyprus did. So again, our Gov't doesn't get a thanks. Now onto the issue of you saying I am not truly in the military and if I am then I don't belong there. I am an E5 in the Army. My ets was 2002 and your right, under the circumstances I don't belong there because I don't believe in killing innocent people and that is exactly what is happening under the rule of President Bush.

Oh yeah, I am a conservative for your information, but I would rather be a democrat than support the slaughtering of women and children in the name of "war". If the shoe was on the other foot and it was Israel being massacred I would feel the same way. I don't believe that just because it is a war, that makes it ok to kill at will. We have international laws on War what is acceptable as a means of winning that war. If you follow the news, you will see that charges will be brought up on Israel as well as Hezbolla for the needless loss of life. America had the authority to stop it way before it got that far, but instead President Bush send over weapons.

This is the part that pisses me off. You have the audacity to blame Americans for vacationing in Lebanon. The country has been peaceful for 5 years. How does that qualify as a war zone? I can understand you saying that if they decided to go vacation in Afghanistan but come on already what about the people vacationing in Israel are they stupid for going there or is that not a "war zone". Well, I am getting tired of explaining common decency to you because obviously you cannot comprehend something that is not within you, so I will leave you with this, when I called you a dumb bitch it was meant to reference anyone who is willing to go and kill mercilessly for a cause that is unAmerican.

It is not American to defend a mutinous war or supply weapons to a country who has obviously already destroyed its opposition and then some. It is not American to leave your own behind as the Government is doing in Lebanon. We as a country have the capability to end the war but our President is in violation of humanity by just standing by as people get killed. I guess that his interests aren't in Lebanon so Israel is in luck this time. But believe me, Israel would not have been so lucky if they started destroying a country that President Bush deemed profitable to him."

Well, I was going to offer my own well-thought out intellectual reply until I read this:

"And not to pick on the "Jews" again but I can't help but to think that only a "Jew" would charge to save people's lives"

Susan in NJ, you are ignorant , bigoted and anti-semitic. You are also a hypocrite considering that in your first comments to me you made such a FUSS that the meaning of being American is how we treat people, and now you spew this crap.
Quit wasting my valuable blog space and move on.


  1. Anonymous7/25/2006

    This is so funny, sad, and pathetic. Conservative? I think not.

    Robert's opinion from the beginning has been that Susan in NJ is Arab and hates you because you are of Jewish decent. I'm beginning to think he is right.

    I'm with you. It's time to bid her Good day. It is a waste of time and energy trying to talk sense into her.--ST

  2. What Sussan had written was clearly very, very well thought of. You almost think you could start a rational debate over the subject.

    But at the end, rightfully you decided not to.

  3. Anonymous7/25/2006

    No! Sorry, I can't let it go. Susan in NJ said:

    There were also 4 other cars who made that 9 hour treck thru bombed roads, destroyed bridges, dead bodies and even 1/2 alive bodies being eaten by stray cats and dogs because no humanitarian aid was sent to that section of Lebanon.

    1)How did those cars make it over destroyed bridges. I've got to have one of those cars.
    2)The death toll is under 400. You mean the roads were strewn with less than four hundred people for nine hours. They must have been driving really slow. At that rate they could have walked out. Lay those people end to end and it still wouldn't take that long to get past them.
    3)Half dead bodys were being eaten by stray dogs and cats and they did nothing to stop and help? I'd say they don't deserve to be rescued if they are that lacking in compassion. And who says the animals were stray. Maybe they were trained by the Israeli military to go finish the job and eat the evidence. Maybe Bush sent them in. Yeah, that's it. It's Bush's fault.--ST

  4. The woman is a bigot, throw her out with the trash.

  5. Susan in NJ7/25/2006

    Ok, I suppose your right about something again. That comment was antisemitic but what I forgot to respond to was your first response to my comments. You said that Israel has it's share of governmental corruption and so on... then you went to say that the Jewish religion does not tell them to behead people who don't agree with them. Well if you read your history, you would know that the Muslim religion is peaceful and does not promote violence at all. So my bigoted comment was only a shot back at your bigoted comment. Not all Muslims are terrorists! And yes, Not all Jew's are Cheap, it was an ignorant come back for your ignorant comment. As for the Bush bashing, take a look around I am far from the only one bashing Bush and it is not a Democrat or Republican thing it is a reality thing. Every other country laughs at him. He is only powerful because of his position but in reality he is truly a bumbling idiot who shouldn't be allowed to speak publicly. But that is neither here nor there. I only started this because I didn't agree that people over there are so called "bitching" as you put it in your initial comment about America's slow evacuation of civillians. They have every right to complain. We all travel at our own risk but that doesn't mean we leave our people behind. No matter what the situation. If it was Americans trapped in Israel and they were the ones being massacred then I think you would feel differently. Well I am sure your all glad that this will be my last post. I have a life to get back to, it is to time consuming and stressful to try to make people open their eyes and see that no one wins when there are people dying. If you think that Israel is innocent in all of this, you are sadly mistaken. Try to see things from all points of view. Hezbollah (I am not defending) fought against Israel in the last war and forced Israel to completely stop all occupation in Lebanon. So this is much deeper than just problems of today. How can you say that Israel is entitled to that land when it was given to them after wwII but it was taken from the Palestenians. I can only try to get you to see things clearly but I cannot make you be a compassionate human being. You can have your blog space all to your self again and all of your readers can continue to buy your bullshit. Oops was that ignorant of me to say or was it just plain true?

  6. Anonymous7/25/2006

    This woman hates Jews. I got that from her first comments. I think she is right though. I think Isreal should be condemned in the strongest language possible for trying to defend her people from her peace loving neighbors.

    I think we should give the peace loving Muslims that surround Isreal what they want. We should destory Isreal. We should either kill or remove all Jews from Palestine. Then we would have peace in the Middle East.

    I just looked online and found that not only were these peace loving muslims in Palestine being persecuted but other Muslims around the world also. In Chechnya, Thailand, India, Nigeria, the Balkans, Philippines, Algeria, China, Kosovo, Indonesia, Sudan, and Uganda just to name a few. It would appear that not only those murderous JEWS, but a lot of other people are having problems living with these God fearing, peace loving, compassionate, tolerant Muslims.--RT

  7. Hmm, methinks someone should chill....

  8. Susan sounds like quite the anti-semitic piece of work, Jess. Not worth your time. This kind of hatred is from how she was raised - note the crack about Jews charging people. It wasn't the Jews, it was U.S. policy. It's the law, passed by Congress and this evacuation was to only charge them $150. If they could afford to go vaca in Lebanon, despite 4 State Dept warnings against it in the past 2 years, then $150 is peanuts.

  9. I'm so sorry to have been AWOL for so long that I've been missing out on this little back-and-forth. Damn. To think I've been fretting that whole "orange" ryhme problem.

    I take offense at generalizations. I live in the south... in fact, I could be considered a neighbor of W. A lot of people around here are blind faith W devotees. But that ain't me.

    Similarly, I'm no Jew, despite an online persona that I have known as Meshuggenah. Long story - will tell over a beer sometime. I'm neither an Arab, so in this argument I can be, well, Switzerland (forgetting of course that they may have been complicit with the Nazis).

    My take, and it's a naive one, admittedly, is that Americans who live or travel to the Middle East have to be aware of the risks. It's no secret that just about everyone in the Middle East but Jews aren't exactly fond of Israel. OK, generalization. But there's at least a smidgen of truth there.

    So it isn't like people go to Lebanon or Israel thinking it's no different than say, the Garden State (forgetting, too, that the Muslim population in NJ is outta the park). It's the Middle East and last time I checked, the olive branch wasn't exactly its most recognizable brand any more. Five years of peace in Lebanon? Wow. I've got underwear that have lasted longer than that. And frankly, I don't buy the five years number.

    While this is from the IDF's web site, they don't just make this shit up without some truth to it.



    As long as I can remember, which at this point goes back to the '80s, the Middle East has been a conflict waiting to happen. And it definitely predated me.

    It's both interesting to sit back and watch, but at the same time scary as hell to see.

    Until any of us can just flat out be tolerant of other people regardless of their religious beliefs, there will not be peace on this earth. No one seems to have the humility to admit that, you know, maybe they ain't got a monopoly on right. As Homer Simpson once asked Marge, "What if we picked the wrong religion and every week we're making God madder and madder?"

    All I can say is we can't all be right. It won't be us deciding who is and who isn't.

    I will cease this crazy talk immediately. Back to the serious questions of life -- nothing ryhmes with "orange"...nothing.

  10. You can have your blog space all to your self again and all of your readers can continue to buy your bullshit. Oops was that ignorant of me to say or was it just plain true?


    You know what's funny? When people who say they have a life to get back to spend so much of that valuable time making rude and nasty comments on the blogs of people they don't even know.

    Thank God I don't do stupid shit like that.


  11. Wow...I got nothing! LOL

  12. and yet, she deposits that check every month right?

    I guarantee you if Bush came to visit her base, she would stand there with her hand over her heart and not say one word of opposition!

    Lebanon allows Hezbollah to operate freely in their country. Hezbollah kills Americans at will.

    This makes Lebanon our enemy.