Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel has a right to defend itself...

I wish I could say this was a war in some Hollywood movie but it's not. It's real.

Israel has a right to take action but with their continued targeting of civilian structures, how long till they lose what little support they have left around the world? Many people understand Israel's frustration, it's damn time they push back.

Why can't these Arab countries in the Middle East just get along and leave Israel alone? Do you realize how much safer the world would be if they did? All my life it's been the Middle East this and Middle East that. It gets the point sometimes where I wish we could drop a nuke on Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq and be done with it. But I know we can't do that. It isn't the civilians, it's the terrorists, always the damn terrorists.

If you lived in Lebanon wouldn't you be angry if some other country started bombing your cities because of radical terrorists in your country? Yeah I know I would be angry and so I can understand how angry many Lebanese people are right now, I can't say I blame them. But damn this was coming because you know the Lebanese government is too afraid of Hezbollah to attempt to disarm them which is why they run wild with total autonomy in the southern part of Lebanon. Maybe if the people had demanded their government root out the terrorists and kill them, this wouldn't be happening. But this doesn't mean I blame the civilians for the actions of the terrorists. I do not.

Has Israel been duped into a war not by Hezbollah but by Iran using Hezbollah as a front? Iran wants to strike Israel in a real bad way. That crazy psycho nut-job leader is just the kind of guy to attack Israel and not give a damn what the world thinks. Hey we have CIA operatives, we have soldiers who participate in "black ops" why not assassinate this guy? Take care of the problem right now? What? All the sudden our CIA doesn't go around assassinating people? Please!!!

In America we have our own share of problems, but one thing is sure, we can wake up each day and not have to worry about our homes, schools, and businesses being fired upon by missiles and rockets. Not many countries in the world can enjoy that kind of feeling of security. We are very fortunate. I am so happy to be living in America. But I feel for the Israelis and for the innocent civilians in these Middle Eastern countries who have become pawns and victims of these psycho radical terrorists.

I say more power to Israel in kicking Hezbollah's dirty rotten terrorist ass.


  1. I posted about this last night as well.

    I'm afraid that many people take the ostrich approach, counting on our leaders to take care of things.

    Bush is totally stripped of any authority he used to have in the world and the countries that could have some influence are choosing not to. (Russia, China, France)

    I just hope that by the time we need to do something, our resources aren't sucked dry.

  2. Until the great majority of this country realizes we are already in the midst of WWIII, the situation will continue to plod along. Politicians in this country and Bush haters are too wrapped up in pointing fingers and refusing to get their collective heads out of the sand. The middle east has fought since Israel declared itself in 1948. The Muslim countries have no intention of letting peace reign in the region. The countries benefitting from corrupt terrorist states, like France and China and Russia, have no intention of losing money on peace. Americans are too naive to get a clue. The world changed on 9/ll and the majority of Americans still don't understand it is us versus them.

  3. Anonymous7/15/2006

    I agree with Karen. I do hate to see civilians die. I know some of them are innocent, but a lot of them are not. Even if it is the terrorists shooting the rockets, many of the "innocent" civilians think Hezbellah is doing the right thing. I heard one man complaining because his bakery shop had been destroyed, but then he went on to say it was the price they had to pay to defeat Isreal. I don't think he was one of the innocent civilians. The media is responsible in large part for the way they portray this. They build sympathy for all the civilians, but never mention the fact that a large portion of these civilians hate Israel. Remember these are the same people who danced in the street and shot off guns in celebration of 9/11 and the abduction of the Israeli soldiers. Forgive me if my sympathies don't run very deep.--ST