Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just gotta add here..

In case you guys out there think this blogging thing is a piece of cake I'll have you know that I am not only blogging 24 hours straight, but I am trying to comment to posts on my own blog, other people's blogs all while trying to write an essay on the progression of frescoes/mural paintings to mosaics to stained glass while studying for a quiz and final exam.

Blogathon picked a hell of a week!!


  1. Talk about multitasking!!!

    You go wicha bad self, girl!

  2. You've been blogging for twenty-four hours straight? I can't even stay awake past Nightline.

    Go get 'em, kiddo.

  3. Anonymous7/29/2006

    You're doing a fantastic job. I'm finding this highly entertaining. I don't know what that says about my life!--ST

  4. Why thank ye!

    I don't know how i am going to make it!