Thursday, July 27, 2006

My pal Susan...

Susan's (aka ST) comments to my previous post about my body hurting kinda cracked me up. Yeah we are all decrepid now, isn't that weird? We've become our parents!!!

See you guys don't know Susan and Robert but I do. We all went to junior high and high school together. She and Robert have been together since the day the earth cooled LOL (ok I think it was 8th grade but it SEEMS that long doesn't it?) and I just love 'em. Funny though that we'd be friends now because in high school we were nice to one another but didn't hang out together. I really had no friends, and of course Susan and Robert pretty much hung out together all the time.

Robert and his brother are quite the characters. I remember we were in Ms. Akins art class with the other usual susects--Eddie, Brian, and Mark. Let's see, Brian, Eddie, Mark, Ronald and Robert used to be at one table and I was at the other table with I can't remember who--Tracy? Michelle and Billy used to be falling all over each other at one of the other tables. I wonder if those two actually drew anything in that class?

Anyway, I liked Robert, he was cool, it was Ronald who drove me crazy. I really enjoyed getting into arguments back then even though at times I wanted to choke Ronald! It was also funny to back out and watch the two brothers argue. I wonder who usually won those arguments? Back then they both seemed pig-headed! Actually maybe I was too? The last time I saw Ronald was when I went over to his apartment to visit him, that was a long time ago. But it was fun, it was a whole different discussion than when we were in school.

I think Susan will remember Journalism class--we had a lot of fun didn't we? Working on that yearbook was fun. It was by far the best year book the school had ever produced. So imagine my anger when I get a letter in boot camp from our teacher and am told that the yearbook company LOST our yearbook before it got to the printer and the new journalism class had to put together a new one? Their yearbook sucked. And we have no memories of the great one we put together. I remember I was the editor of the clubs and organizations section. I took real pride in that. I felt bad when it got lost.

I was telling DH today about our senior pics and how hot and humid it was that day. My hair drooped, it was so hot in that damn auditorium. I can't believe I remember that....

Al this makes me think of good times at that school. Looking back I can see there were definitely some really good times. I had lots of good times with my family too, mom took us to the movies, my gramps was still alive, we would go skating on Friday and Saturday nights, mom and dad would sometimes go out, I had after school projects like newspaper and yearbook, yeah it was fun wasn't it?

All this because I read Susan's comments. :)

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  1. Anonymous7/28/2006

    I'm glad I could make you smile. Robert and Ronald are still pig headed and so are their children :) A word to the wise: I am not taking Ronald to our nursing home. It's bad enough that I'm going to have to eat jello and strained peas. I don't want him aggravating me while I do it.--ST