Friday, July 28, 2006

24 hour Blog-A-Thon

Don't forget today the day of the Sixth Annual International Blog-A-Thon.


I am sponsoring "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary" This organization works with humane groups across America. They promote the No More Homeless Pets campaign and their sanctuary in Utah shelters about 1,500 animals. Best Friends also reaches out across the US to help humane groups, individuals and communities in seeting up spay/neuter facilities, shelter, foster care and adoption programs.

If you just want to sponsor me click "Sponsor Jess" and create yourself a free account so you can sign up for sponsorship. Once the marathon is over, you will receive an email from Blog-A-Thon letting you know how much your sponsorship amounts to and the address and info of the charity you are sending your donations.

Also, if you love animals, please support Paws & Effect, a blog sponsoring "Noah's Wish" an organization devoted exclusively to rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters throughout the US and Canada. Click on "Sponsor Paws & Effect" to sponsor this group.


  1. Hi. Glad to meet another person blogging for animals. On my cats' blog, Paws and Effect: Our Infinite Wisdom (, we'll be blogging for Noah's Wish, an organization dedicated to disaster relief efforts for animals.

    If you're interested in doing some cross-publicity, I'd be glad to link to your blog and sponsor link if you'd like.

  2. Sounds good!!! THANKS!

  3. Hey, Jess! I was just checking to see who else was doing the Blogathon for an animal group. I'm a fan of Best Friends. I'm glad you're raising money for them. I'll be sure to check your blog on the 29th and leave you inspiring some comments or something. :)


  4. Hi - glad to see you support Best Friends. We, as a company, support them as well. We do market research and people can sign up to be a member of our opinion panel and choose a charity they want their rewards to go to - Best Friends is one of our supported charities. If you want to give to reputable causes and do not want to take additional dollars out of your own pocket - you can support a charity just by giving a bit of your time. Check out the website (a new design will be up soon) at Thanks and good luck!