Monday, July 10, 2006

Well here's one to get you thinking...

Here's a situation as told to me from a friend of mine out of state based on an experience she had years ago.

Several years ago two women met at a gym and became friendly. In the course of becoming friends one woman told the other about her recent divorce and some things about her ex-husband that weren't so nice. It involved physical abuse and intimidation. He was bigger and stronger than her and it seemed like he had scared her on many occasions especially with his temper. The ex-husband was a police officer and the woman said that reporting the behavior which took place during their marriage to the same police department he worked for was impossible, no one would have believed her. Eventually they got divorced and shared custody of the children. To her knowledge the guy has an exemplary record with the police force, at least the public has never heard anything bad about him.

The man is now running for Sheriff and rumor has it he'll win.

Well what the hell could I tell her? Gee, what a situation eh?

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  1. unless she is murdered by him, no one would bat an eyelash.

    I have heard that officers of the law are notorious as being abusers.