Thursday, July 20, 2006

While we're at it...

While the Americans in Lebanon bitch about the slow progress in getting them out of there, maybe they should be THANKING the civilian and military personnel who are putting their lives on the line and putting themselves in the line of fire to get them out.

Exerpt from a story from "The Record" on It's about a dad and his kids from North Jersey who are stuck in Lebanon. Originally the mother thought they would be coming home but...

"First the news was good, then it was potentially devastating for at least some of the 5,000 Americans like Dalal Haidar's two asthmatic children hiding fearfully in war-ravaged southern Lebanon.

Tuesday afternoon the State Department said it would begin busing American citizens from southern Lebanon to Beirut for ships bound for Cyprus.

But that night, the Haidar family had been called by a State Department official and told that their children, stranded some 90 minutes from Beirut, would have to find their own way to the capital city. If they could make it there, the children and their dad would secure a spot with 1,000 other American evacuees on a ship leaving Beirut today.

It was another sign of the chaos that had enveloped everyone in southern Lebanon and beyond since fighting broke out between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas last week.

And it was enough to make a mother faint, and the Wayne woman did at one point Tuesday afternoon at her sister's home in Clifton as she discussed her distress.

"This is one of the greatest nations in the world," Haidar, 40, said. "How can they not pick up the children? How can they just leave them there to die?"

It's a WAR ZONE lady! And someone has to put his or her life on the line so your husband and kids can get out of there. Plans have to be well-laid, it's not like you can land a plane in the middle of a field and say "ok come on". It's not like you can park a bus in the middle of Beirut and let everyone on. It's dangerous, there are missiles and rockets being fired back and forth, there are terrorists with car bombs.

You know isn't it enough that Americans in their own country demand their government to take care of their every need but it's obscene that Americans in a foreign country are doing the same damn thing.

I'm sorry but when you travel to a foreign country there is no guarantee of protection. You essentially travel at your own risk. But many Americans are conditioned to believe that even if they know they do something at their own risk, that any consequences are their fault, it doesn't matter--they can rely on their government to make things right for them.

Fox News interviewed a lady this morning named Sandy Choucair whose husband just arrived in Baltimore from Lebanon. She was whining and bitching (surprise) saying that her husband and others had to live on the street for seven days. She was bitching that he didn't get any help from anywhere and that the US government was too slow in reacting. She said her husband had no idea this war was going to happen. She said nobody knew.


Any person with half a brain knows that's a hotbed for terrorism.

Fox News also honed in a speech by an evacuee at the airport and he had to leave a wedding once the shelling began. Then he talked about waiting for a statement from George Bush condemning the Israeli attack. And of course he went on and on about how Israel's not defending itself and that this was a definitely an offensive....blah blah blah, now everyone's a foreign policy expert.

I have yet to hear a "thank you" for the free boat ride, the free housing and meals, the free plane ticket home. I have yet to hear a "thank you" to the men and women, both military and civilian, who are American and of other nations who have helped in getting these Americans out of there. It didn't happen on its own, many people had a hand in it.

What I wonder now is how long till the first multi-billion dollar Congressional investigation? How long till the first lawsuit is filed?


  1. Anonymous7/20/2006

    You took the words right out of my mouth. -- ST

  2. Susan in NJ said...
    Well it figures that someone on the side doing the killing would be ignorant enough to say the things that you have said. It has nothing to do with it being a war zone and the innocent people dying are not at fault for the masacre Israel has put upon Lebanon. The US is an embarrasment and the President is a hick moron who doesn't even know how to close his mouth when he chews. It figures you would defend him I have seen your picture. You should both kick back with a six pack and fried chicken. I am in the military and I fight for the people who deserve it whether it be here or over seas. So the next time your President says,"My Dear Fellow Americans" know that he is only speaking about the ones who support his bullshit. Why don't you listen to the Pledge of Allegiance and figure out the meaning of being an American. It has nothing to do with where we choose to vacation but how we care for our people. So as a human and an American you should be ashamed of yourself for speaking ill of the people who died and the ones who lived through it. If your so hell bent on being a Bush Supporter go put your ass in Southern Lebanon and prove it. Then we can talk about the dumb bitch who died defending a President who didn't give 2 shits about her but he sure made a profit off her death. Read a little history on the subject before you go running your mouth. Ignorance is bliss but only to the truly blind.

  3. Dear Susan in NJ.

    Your comment is insane. Truly insane. You're off on some dumbass tangent about Bush, fried chicken, beer, my picture, you serving in the military, me taking my ass to Southern Lebanon, the Pledge of Allegiance, etc.

    When you get your head out of your ass, read my post. Because as I recall the ONLY thing it was about was the Americans in Lebanon bitching about being in the middle of a war.

    My post has nothing to do with my political status which by the way is INDEPENDENT. Do you know what that means? That means independent, look it up in the dictionary.

    My post has nothing to do with Bush, fried chicken or beer.

    My post has nothing to do with siding or not siding with Israel.

    And I stand by my remarks in the blog----anyone who couldn't have even thought of the possibility a war might break out in this terrorist hotbed must have their head in the sand.

    Add to that, it would be nice to see more people who have been rescued thanking all the civilians and military personnel who rescued their asses in the first place.