Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You get what you pay for

I don't mind shopping at Dollar General. At least I didn't till today. It's been a good place to get some things cheap that we use around the house. Today we needed body wash and kitty litter. Thank goodness we had the checkbook with us today because the sign on the door clearly stated that due to problems in the home office they were unable to process credit, debit or EBT cards.

We go in and get our stuff and get in line. There are two checkout counters and only one clerk and the line is really backing up. The door to the manager's office is cracked open but it takes him a few minutes to come out if he ever does. It's a young guy I've seen managing the place before. As usual he doesn't look too excited. He opens up the other register and takes care of us, the total came to $19.31. While writing the check DH asks me to write it for $10 over for a total of $29.31. Usually you can get a few bucks cash back but not more than $10. We hand the check to the guy and it takes a few minutes to process (if it ever did). He starts bitching about how the system is screwed up and I said "but you can take checks right?" and he says "well no but I'm doing it anyway".

When it's time to go he thanks us and sends us on our way. DH says "woah what about our change?" and the guy insisted we had none, DH said "we wrote a check for $10 over" and we show him our receipt which says $19.31, apparently the manager hadn't even LOOKED at our check, he had just manually keyed in the amount according to the RECEIPT!

So in realizing his mistake and after verifying it by looking at the check in the drawer, he then he turns to us and says "you wrote it for $20 over right?" and DH was like "no, ten over" and then the manager looks at us and in a really rude manner he says "you can't do that" and I said "maybe if you would have looked at the check when we gave it to you, we wouldn't be in this situation" and we walked out. But not before Dh made it clear we wouldn't be back.

What kind of friggin moron doesn't look at the amount on a check? What a dipshit. And instead of admitting he screwed up, his last words to us were rude and insulting.

And so like DishNetwork, McDonald's, Steak and Shake, Cox Cable, Sprint PCS, BellSouth, ATT, Alltel, Winn Dixie, Wal Mart and a dozen other companies, Dollar General has joined the growing list of companies which offer a really shitty version of customer service.

Be a cold day in hell before I go into another Dollar General. It's just $2.00 customer service at its best.

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  1. Anonymous7/19/2006

    I personally hate that store. They are so junky. Don't even attempt to get a wheelchair through that place.--ST