Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Annoying drivers...

Can I just say for the record that it is TERRIBLY annoying when we are are on our way to work in the mornings on rural country roads and some jackass (usually more than one) decides to pass us at intersections, railroad tracks, hills and solid lines! Every single morning we have some redneck asshat (in the occasional car but usually in pickup trucks with either the #3 or #8 plastered on back or a stenciled buck on their back windshield) who in such a hurry because he didn't leave early enough. So he passes every vehicle in sight, and where does he wind up? Stuck at the next intersection behind a line of cars.

And what's worse than that is having said asshats tailing you on the entrance ramp to the interstate or trying to go around you when you're attempting to merge into interstate traffic.

Can you believe there's actually a book to help people drive like idiots? Trust me, I know the folks who piss me off every morning don't use a manual, I'd be very surprised if any of them could actually read one.

And while I'm having to deal with all these jerks, DH is in the passenger seat hollering that I should be giving "brake checks" to the guys who tail me. Uh-hello? I don't do brake checks at high speeds, hell I try not to do them anymore period. I have told him this over and over again and he isn't grasping it. I'm driving, I do what I think is safe. Even if it's at a slow speed, I don't do brake checks because I don't want some guy hitting us from behind. And imagine touching your brakes lightly at high speed and soem guy being too close. You can get yourself killed. And then there's the guys on the road who like to carry guns and shoot people who piss them off. I don't want to mess with some redneck whose going to pull out a gun and shoot us. I used to do brake checks but I don't do them anymore. But I do slow down just a tad bit, but not enough to cause an accident.

DH doesn't seem to grasp my mode of thinking. He thinks I am letting these people bully me by letting them tailgate me. I think I am doing the smart thing and not lowering myself to their stupidity. I say to DH I'm tired of hearing it and he says "because you know I'm right".

Yeah, uh-huh, that's it.


  1. I hate bad drivers. I just don't understand the need to get everywhere so FAST. Unless there's an emergency or you're in labor.

    I almost got rearended this morning by an idiot riding my bumper on a small town road where the speed limit is 25. I was doing 40 and he still was tailing me.

    I feel your pain.

  2. Now you understand what it is I have been dealing with for the last 26 years. Dumbass rednecks, or as my friends here at work like to refer to them, crackers (I was told not to fret because I'm not one).

    I NEVER thought I would agree with DH, on anything, but in this I do. I was driving to work on State Rd 47 one morning, going oh, about 60-65, when I look in my rear-view mirror and see a white truck quickly gaining on my rear. I stayed at 60 and in a few seconds he was on top of my poor little CRV. There was NO ONE coming from the opposite direction, and he had all the room in the world to pass, but it must have given him some kind thrill to sit there on my bumper no matter what I did. At first I tried my best to ignore him, but after a few minute when he wouldn't pass or slow down, the Sicilian in me came out and I smiled and hit the brake. If he had been far enough behind me he might not have had to jam on his brakes and skid all over the side of the road, scattering dust and debri everywhere. But he did.
    Then after he got himself together, he was behind me again, only this time, he speeded up, passed me and was gone out of my life. I couldn't help but notice that on the side of his white pick-up was the insigna "A/C". Anderson Columbia............figures.

  3. And if he would have hit you?

    If he had some serious case of roadrage?

    No thanks, it's too risky. Did you ever see the movie "final exit" about the two Canadian women, where one's blatant driving erratically caused the other one to be late to work and lose her job? And then the one girl chased the other down until she caused an accident? One died, one was injured for life.

    Remember the guy who was in such a fit of road rage he pulled this lady's dog out of the car and threw it in traffic?

    Is it worth getting yourself hurt or killed? Mom what would you drive if your CRV was in the shop because some guy hit you? How would you pay the bills if you were int he hospital injured.

    Cops don't like tailgaters but they don't like people who contribute to the road rage, and well to be honest you are contributing. He's being dangerous so you know what? Call FHP next time, never take it into your ownhands, you could wind up dead.

  4. Jessica, your Mom posts on here? i know I know, but I'm a new reader. That is so great.

  5. Yeah now if we could get her to keep up on her blog too. She's really funny once you get her going. She could tell stories in writing like nobody else!

    You should go back through my blogathon posts and read the one about Family Dinners. That sums us up, we're so dysfunctional it's insane!

    Also, my friend Susan from high school, we've known each other what--22 years posts here too using anonymous but with the initials "ST" :)